How to Online Renewable Energy Certificate In India

Step 1:

It is the first step to ensure that all required documents are present to submit an application online. If you’d like be aware of the documents required to be submitted, go to the following website : Required Documents for Renewable Energy Certificate

Step 2:

Please follow the URL to apply online : Apply Online.

Step 3:

In the provided page, please click “RE Generators” under the “Sign Sign Up” section located on the right side on the page. Check out the image below where all the options are highlighted accordingly.

Step 4:

In this page, you must fill out the screen prompts using the appropriate details , and then click “Submit” button, which is highlighted in red in the image below.

India energy certificate 1.gifStep 5 :

A new screen showing RE Generator’s successful sign-up confirmation will be shown. Choose”Login Now “Login Now” option which is highlighted in RED in the image below.

India energy certificate 2.gifStep 6 :

An account login webpage will appear. Enter the User Name/Login ID password, and Captcha code into the appropriate textbox and click the “Login” button, which will be highlighted RED in the image below.

India energy certificate 3.gifStep 7 :

Please complete the prompts in your session as appropriate for “Owner detail operator detail, station detail Connectivity with the concerned licensee and Metering details and Clearance details General details including Fees and Charges, enclosures” in order, and then click the “Next >>>>” to the end the session.

Step 8:

In the subsequent declaration session In the declaration session, you must complete the necessary information on the form and then click on the “Submit to accreditation” button.

Step 9:

The user will receive a pop-up to confirm. You must click the “OK” to confirm.

Step 10:

Applicant receives acknowledgement page. Save it to refer to it in the future.

Step 11:

This program will later be handled by the appropriate state agency.



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