How to Payment of Water Bill In Benin

Payment of Water Bill In Benin By Online

Cash-based payment

  • Visit any near Societe Nationale de eaux du Benin (SONEB) agency office, bringing the water bill invoice as well as the amount due shown on the invoice
  • Go to the counter for services and present the invoice along with the suggested amount with cash. Then, pay the assisting official.
  • Who will validate the amount of money to be paid by using their computer system and if the balance is in good order, the person will pay your invoice and provide you with an invoice confirming your payment right away.

Cheque payment:

  • You can pay the bill to SONEB through a cheque. To do this, make sure you have the check in your hands and include on the reverse on the document your number address and contact information.
  • You should then place the check as well as copies of the relevant invoices into the check box that is located at the SONEB agency that is available 24/7.
  • It is your responsibility to come back to the agency to collect your receipt of payment.

Documents For Payment of Water Bill

  • Invoice for water bill
  • Pay the amount shown on the invoice whether in cash or draft cheque

Office Locations and Contacts

Societe Nationale de eaux du Benin (SONEB):
92, Av. Pape Jean Paul II 01
BP 21216. Cotonou – Benin.
Tel: (+229) 21316258
Website Link
More contacts: Link


  • All services are part of the SONEB


  • The amount is indicated on the water bill


  • The validity period is one month.

Processing Time

  • After receiving payment of the service fee

The Information You Need

  • You’ll require the details of your water bill e.g. the amount
  • Name of consumer
  • The account number of the consumer
  • The contact’s address as well as physical address
  • Working telephone line or mobile number

The Document is required

  • The payment of your water bill in time allows one to use the benefits of water, however failure to pay the water bill on time could cause the disconnecting of the water service at your residence or commercial premises

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How to Payment of Water Bill In Benin
How to Payment of Water Bill In Benin


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