How to Print Certificate of a Stamp Duty In Uganda

Print Certificate of a Stamp Duty In Uganda By Yourself

  1. In the event of paying the stamp duty tax at any bank you prefer Visit your local Uganda Revenue Authority branch office (URA) near you . You will need the receipt of payment acknowledgment (bank slip)
  2. Visit the service desk. The person in charge will type in the Acknowledgement number , input your barcode number into URA’s URA computer system. Then, print the certificate and send it to you as soon as possible.

Web-based application

  1. The applicant must first visit at the Uganda Revenue Authority branch office (URA) close to you. visit the service desk and request an instrument’s barcode upon paying the stamp duty cost at any bank of their preference.
  2. Go to the URA portal on the internet URA then on the homepage, click on E-Services, Stamp Duty and then choose Stamp Certificate issue.
  3. Input the Acknowledgement Number as well as the barcode number you received from the URA office.
  4. Click on Show Details, the system will show the certificate that you can print.


  • The certificate can only be printed once. If for any reason you stop printing, you must request a duplicate for a fee.

Required Documents For Print Certificate of a Stamp Duty

  1. A bank certificate (prove that payment was made)

Office Locations and Contacts

Telefon (0417) 442054 or 442055 or 443150.
Fax: (0414)334419
Web portal: URA


Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) branch offices:
Contacts from Office


  • Any person who has applied for a stamp duty document through the Uganda Revenue Authority (URA)


  • Free without charge

Processing Time

  • Right away



  • The certificate can only be printed once. If for any reason you stop printing you’ll need to request a duplicate for a fee.

Requirements Information

  1. The Acknowledgement number
  2. The barcode number

The document is needed

Taxes on stamp duty are a form of tax assessed on documents like receipts, cheques, supplies to the government licenses for marriage, the transfer of land and property.

Information that can be useful

What are the reasons you should make your document legal?

  1. The document is admissible as evidence in courts of law, making it legally binding.
  2. Stamp duty services provide the security of any property document that is presented, as your rights are protected by the law of stamp duty.
  3. Some documents are deemed to be respectable when they are presented to the public or private.
  4. Stamp duty benefits help you make a better decision for any transaction because declarations are processed quicker.

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