How To Reapplying for Changing Vehicle Registration Card In China

How To Reapplying for Changing Vehicle Registration Card In China

The owner of the vehicle must provide the necessary documentation in writing to Motor Vehicle Administration. Motor Vehicle Administration.

Documents that are required Reapplying for Changing Vehicle Registration Card

  • Owners of the vehicle and, if appropriate agents’ original and photocopy of identification document.
    • For consulates, embassy or embassy of foreign countries or international organisations China representative

office Identification documents must come from the consulate, embassy or other international organisation

    • For foreign owned enterprises or foreign companies Beijing representative office The Organization Code Certification is required along with a business license or foreign enterprise Beijing representative office registration certificate.
    • For individuals who are foreigners Passport and residence permit
      • for Hong Kong and Macau resident Macau residents: Travel pass to mainland
      • For Taiwan residents: Travel pass to the mainland , and a residence permit
    • For employees of consulates, foreign embassy and international organisations China office Valid identification card issued by the Ministry of foreign Affairs of P.R.C.
  • In order to reapply for the registration the applicant must provide a *. Note: rub the label with the pencil “rub” the vehicle’s ID numbers (frame number) onto a piece paper.
  • In the event that the car was taken by the law execution department and then sold at auction, or the ownership of the vehicle was transferred in response to an intercession or a ruling from the Peoples Court, but the vehicle’s previous owner didn’t present the current owner with the registration certificate for the vehicle the owner of the vehicle must provide the an original certificate of proof issued by the department of law execution or arbitration or the peoples court , indicating the absence of the registration card or the original issue by the Peoples Court for re-application of vehicle registration cards.
  • If the current owner of the vehicle is unable to apply for a vehicle registration in the event of death, exile severe illness or another reason, a valid evidence of authorization has to be provided.
  • If the vehicle registry card becomes damaged beyond recognition, or in the event that there isn’t enough space for memorandums to follow that it is due to be surrendered.

Office Locations and Contacts

General Office at the Ministry of Public Security e-mail address:
Address: East Chang’an Avenue in Beijing on the 14th of April
Zip Code: 100,741

Shanghai Municipal Transport and Port Authority
Address 100 Dagu Rd (Office hour: 9am-11:30am, and between 1:30 and 4:30pm on Monday through Friday)
Telephone: 23111111

Chinese Govern

How To Reapplying for Changing Vehicle Registration Card In China
How To Reapplying for Changing Vehicle Registration Card In China

ment Network

What Are All the Eligibility

Handling units: Registration of motor vehicles to public security organs traffic management vehicles administration

Processing Time

  • To re-apply for a vehicle registration card, 15 days following accepting the application

Change of registration card: one day after accepting the application


An applicant who meets the required requirements is able to apply at Motor Vehicle Administration and receives notification of acceptance after providing the necessary documents.

The Information You Need

  • Name
  • Types of Identification
  • Identification Number
  • Gender
  • Date of Birth
  • The language of preference is the official one.
  • Email address
  • Contact number for telephone or contact
  • Facsimile number
  • Address for mail
  • Residence address

The Document is required Reapplying for Changing Vehicle Registration Card

The registration card of the vehicle holds the most important details about the vehicle as well as the owner/holder.

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