How to Reconnection of Water Supply In India

Reconnection of Water Supply In India By Yourself

  • The request to reconnect water can be completed in the form prescribed for application and sent to “Section Officer” of the local office of water supply.
  • Visit your water supply office within your region.
  • Complete the application form and write it on a plain A4 sheet according to the instructions.
  • Fill out your application. Include all the required documents according to the “required document” section. Present it to the authority designated.
  • The application and the accompanying documents will be scrutinized. If everything is in order the applicant will be notified to pay the fees for reconnection.
  • Pay the fees as advised at the counter of your choice and request a receipt.
  • You must now submit your request for reconnection , along with payment of the application fee, reconnection fee , and the details of your dues paid that are required to the authority designated by two parts. (second set is to be returned along with the an official signature from the authority that is receiving the application)
  • After the application has been received when it is received, the authorities will add the application in the registry.
  • The applicant will receive an acknowledgement of the application submitted. Keep the application safe to be able to refer back later.

The application will be handled internally. The department staff will restore the service when they are informed.

Required Documents For Reconnection of Water Supply

  • Application form
  • Identification Documents
  • Residence Evidence (telephone bills/electricity bills)
  • Copy of receipt of payment of water bill.
  • Revision of Tax Payment Receipt
  • ANO from the property Tax department (If necessary)
  • Aadhaar card.
  • Last payment paid receipt.


Other than the documents mentioned above, authorities can request additional documents or information. You must provide them to process.

Office Locations and Contacts

Joint Director Revenue Management,Room No. 212, Varunalaya Ph-I,
Karol Bagh, New Delhi.
Ph. 23520628,
For contact details Link


  • A legitimate consumer with a valid water connection who is cut off.
  • All payments are paid until the date of payment.


  • Charges and fees should be paid in accordance with the required and as directed by authorities.
  • If reconnection is demanded following the disconnection of the water supply connection the department-imposed fine needs been paid by customer along with the deposit of the security deposit in the moment of the beginning for the water supply connection.


The reconnection is valid for until the applicable taxes or charges as stipulated by the department’s requirements are paid.


Be sure to pay the charges.

Requirements Information

  • Name of the person who is applying
  • Address
  • Consumer number
  • Meter number
  • Division
  • Sub division
  • Mobile Number

Documentation is needed

  • Reconnection of water supply is upon the request of the individual or the company or upon the paying off dues due or reconnecting by Department in the event of interruption due to any reason.

Information that could be helpful

  • In the event of not paying the bill, it will be delayed for the period of 2 (two) years or until required by the department’s water supply connections will be cut off.
  • Beware of the law – it is harsh against those who fail to adhere to the changes.



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