How to Register a Birth In Bolivia

Register a Birth In Bolivia By Online

  • If a person does not have any record of his birth and wishes to register should come personally to the Civil Registry Office with their identification documents. Only if the individual has an impairment, they can be registered through their parent or guardian.
  • The applicant has to submit at least one of the documents to prove their identity such as CI or RUN, military Service Book or Passport or Marriage Certificate or Baptismal Certificate or any other document that contains names of the applicant and the signature of two adult witnesses with ID.

It is crucial to the Registry to stop individuals from altering their identity of the person who has it or use documents that are not authentic or fake. A Civil Registry Officer should determine the reason a person is looking to register, and to avoid being frauded. This is the job for Civil Registry Officers. Civil Registry Officer.

  • A Civil Registration Officer must verify the original documents that you submit to it . You can also request an image of the original if you are unable to deliver it.
  • The official must fill out the application form for birth registration and fill in all required information on it.
  • The official signing of this form must be done by the applicant for registration.
  • The Officer is required to deliver or deliver an appearance at the Civil Registry all documents:
    • Forms that have been completed and signed.
    • screening of the person you’d like to test the person you want to.
    • The copies of the originals of. I. Witnesses.
    • Declaration form of witness.
  • The official, fill in the certificate based on Book’s data in a timely manner and hand the Certificate to the person who applied.
  • When the process is approved If the procedure is approved, the Administrative Resolution authorizing Officer to record the person’s name in his birth registers (original with duplicate) is to be handed out
  • The Official has recorded, in the appropriate headings and all the information of the individual as pertinent entries on the application form as well as evidence Read the information carefully to avoid omissions and request that the person who is concerned and any witnesses to for their signatures on the game. Sign the official departure form and it must not include deletions or changes. If the official commits mistakes or does not get some information then you have to, immediately clarify the issue in the Remarks which are located at the very bottom in the process. If the official fails to clarify the issue, or the person who you’re registered with will be facing additional issues in obtaining your certification.
  • The Official has to fill in the birth registration form on the application form and fill in all required information on it.

Required Documents For Register a Birth In Bolivia

  • Wedding certificate or family book parent.
  • Passports of parents, ID, original and a single duplicate.
  • Medical document certifying the live birth.
  • Judicial Judgment declaring parenthood.
  • Judicial Judgment declaring possession by the state.
  • “Presumption of parentage” (Article 65 of the EPC) The father or mother only has to sign a single declaration Warrant. Child with Two Names.

Office Locations and Contacts

Departmental Directorate for Civil Registration and Offices for Civil Registration SERECI


It is possible to register a birth when you are the parent or consanguineous family member up to third level (aunts as well as uncles).


Birth registration for an individual can be legally obtained and is absolutely free.


If family members are absent, members, they can seek authorities in the form of municipal, ecclesiastical administrative, judicial, and in shelters for children who have been abandoned.

The applicant must provide an identity Card (or book RUN) military, passport or (credited with your identity document or have requested an Affidavit of 2 witnesses). It is termed the Code for Children and Young girls is can be defined as anyone who is 12 to zero years; and teens aged between twelve and 18 years old.

Requirements Information

  • The names of baby
  • Parents ‘ full names
  • Current address and phone number.
  • The occupation of parents.
  • Find the Bolivian parent. The parent is the one who signs the registration book and be called Declarante.
  • It should be clear how many types of mothers were born to by the mothers, and how they differ according to gender.

Documentation is needed

Birth registration, which is the official documenting on the birth children by the state is an absolute human right, and is a vital tool in protecting a child’s rights to have an identity.

Registration and the first birth certificate for infants are completely free for life and forever The right to register also applies to teenagers for three years. in accordance with Law No. 2616. There is no charge for any formality or act to ensure the law’s effectiveness is required by to be completed by the Departmental Directorate of Civil Registration and Civil Registry Offices.

Officer Civil Registry is the official for the State. It is also the authority in charge of registering the birth.

Information that could be helpful

Civil Registration Officers are entrusted with the following power:

  • Births, marriages, deaths and acknowledgement.
  • Marriagesin accordance with the legal requirements.
  • Notes to register supplementary to the books originally used and doubled at the point when you register the game to fix mistakes, erases or changes.
  • Issue certificates of the items discovered in books that were in his custody, or in the registry database at the Civil Registry.
  • Issue reports and certificates for the documents that are stored in the database or in the database, upon the request of an authority that is competent or a registered.
  • Receive registration documents or make corrections of errors, and submit for submission to the Civil Registry.

Other uses for the document/certificate

This is an essential, inalienable right that is recognized in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as well as the International Convention on the Rights of Children and Adolescents, the Civil Code, Family Code and the Code for Children and Adolescents.

“The Right to Identity, comprising:

  • Rights to have an personal name,
  • The right to carry two surnames, one of his mother and father.
  • You can enjoy the right to nationality
  • The right to be able to identify their biological parents
  • A right to receive information about their family’s background.

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How to Register a Birth In Bolivia
How to Register a Birth In Bolivia


Birth certificates and registration for infants are forever and indefinitely free The right to register also applies to teens for three years according the Law No. 2616. This law is free any act or formality that is required to be effective. This law requires to establish the Departmental Directorate of Civil Registration and Civil Registry Offices.


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