How To Register a Birth In Georgia

How To Register a Birth In Georgia

  1. Birth Certificates in Georgia is possible to register in any office in the territory of the Public Services Development Agency and any branch of Public Service Hall.
  2. Make sure you are armed with all required documents which are provided under the required documents section.
  3. This link will provide information regarding Public Relations Offices as well as associated Territorial Offices, Public Service Hall and Community Centers in Georgia that can assist.
The following link gives contact information of Public Relations Offices and the related Territorial Offices . The Office Contact Number
Office Locations on Map of Public Service Hall : Office Locations
Locations on the Map of Community Centers Georgia : Community Centers

Documents Required Register a Birth

To verify the child’s birth married parents, they have to submit:

  • Certificate of Marriage Certificate
  • IDs (when one parent is applying in the birth register, the other ID for the parents does not have to be provided).
  • Birth certificate from a medical professional or determination on the validity of the truth of birth.

To verify the birth of a child parents who are not married, they have to submit:

  • The IDs for both parents.
  • A medical certificate of birth or determination of the birth.
  • If both parents who are not married to the child are minors, they must present a birth certificate from an underage father or mother as well as a written agreement from the parent or any other legal representative to register someone as the child’s father.

To record the birth of the child unmarried mother, she must provide:

  • ID card.
  • A medical certificate of birth or decision on the verification of the birth date.

Office Locations and Contacts

This link will provide contact details of Public Relations Offices and other Territorial Offices: The Office Phone NumberLocations within Map of Public Service Hall : Office Locations
Locations on the Map of Community Centers Georgia : Community Centers

What Are All The Eligibility

  • One of the parents of the child.
  • A person who is authorized by an adult.
  • A person authorized by the custodianship or guardianship body.
  • A medical center where the child was born.
  • The trustee of an administration (City Hall) in the event that a child is born without a medical establishment without the help of a person who is authorized to issue a medical reference.


Birth registration is not after the second business day for submitting the documents needed for registration.
Birth certificates are provided at no cost.

The Document is required Register a Birth

This process provides you with information on how to record an infant’s birth in Georgia.




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