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This declaration may be executed at:

  • The hospital in which the baby was born, in which case the certificate is issued by the Medical Director.
  • It is the town hall in the city in which the baby is born.
  • A town hall in the place in which the parents reside, even in case it is not the city where the baby was born.
  • The city where the mother lives is the mother, if parents reside in two different locations
  • The city of the father’s residence in the event that the parents reside in two different cities and if they have a mutual agreement

Birth registration of babies born to foreigners living in Italy

  • After the birth has been recorded by the municipal hall, the parents are required to contact the consulate of their country or the embassy of their country in Italy and adhere to the procedure required.

Documents Required For Register a Birth

  • Birth certificate that is authentically signed by the midwife or doctor who was present at the birth
  • Valid identity document

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministero dell’InternoPiazza del Viminale n. 1 – 00184 Roma
TelefonoCentralino tel. 064651
41.899721690058364, 12.494035363197326

Good Resource and Contacts

Births at the office City of Turin
Via della Consolata, 23 – left scale – 1st floor – Wheelchair access: Via Giulio, 22.
Hours: Monday through Thursday, from 8.15 am until 15.00 Hours on Fridays: 8:15 to 13:50. Saturday: 8.30 to 12.30

Municipality of Savona

Venice Municipality

Marital Status and Register


The complaint may be filed by birth:

  • through any of the parents by one of the parents if
  • of both parents in the event that they were not married, recognition of the natural child
  • with a special prosecutor who was appointed by the parents
  • by the midwife or doctor or another person who observed the birth, in accordance with the wishes of parents not to be identified

To be eligible for this recognition, you must be at least 16 years old.


The declaration of birth may be stated as follows:

  • within 3 days of birth at within 3 days at Head Office or Home health care facility in the place where the birth occurred.
  • within 10 days of within 10 days at Registry Office of the Municipality of birth or of the place of residence of parents or one of them within 10 days of their birth at the Registry Office of the municipality of birth or place of.
  • In the event that parents are not in the same town except as otherwise agreed between the parents the declaration of birth is made in the municipal where the mother’s home is located.

After the baby’s birth It is mandatory to register the birth in the Register of Births, Marriages and Deaths (Registro Communale di Stato Civile).

It is the Birth Declaration (Dichiarazione di nascit) is signed in writing, with no witnesses, within three days when done at the hospital, or within ten working days if completed at the Town Hall.

The Information You Need

Birth records typically include the child’s name, gender birth date, birthplace along with the parents names. A lot of early records , as well as the later ones include additional information such as the birthplaces of parents as well as their ages and occupations as well as the maiden name of the mother. The date of baptism is typically added to the birth certificate for civil births.

Documentation is needed

  • When the baby is born It is mandatory to register the birth in the Register of Births, Marriages and Deaths (Registro Communale dello State Civile).
  • The declaration of birth may be signed by any parent, an individual who the parents have provided a an authorization to act as a proxy, a doctor an obstetrician or another person present at the time of the delivery.

Information that could be helpful

  • If the parents aren’t married or mom is legal divorced with her spouse, the child could be registered prior to the birth.
  • Late declarations if the declaration is made after 10 days of the birth date The registrant has to provide reasons for the delay and the registrar will submit the information to the Prosecutor’s office.
  • NB. In the event of stillbirth or death occurring prior to the declaration was made the declaration should be made only by the registrar in the municipality of birth.

Other uses for the Document/Certificate

Birth registration is essential as it assists in obtaining the birth certificate.

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Births were typically recorded within a few days after the birth of the child typically through the dad of the family, or the midwife on duty. Corrections to birth records might have been made in the form of a note.

Standard of Reference

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