How to Register a Birth In Oman

Register a Birth In Oman By Online

  1. The required documents must be submitted to the appropriate authority and pay the appropriate fee.
  2. The identity of the applicant is verified using his passport or identity card and his ability to file the information will be established. (It has to be someone legally authorized to file the details)

Required Document For Register a Birth

For Omanis

  • Birth certificate from the hospital in which the birth occurred and copies of parents’ identification cards in the originals or copies of passports that have the original. For registration of the as the first child, parents must present a copy of their marriage certificate and the original.
  • If the child wasn’t born in an institution, parents must present a birth certificate from the Shaikh/Rasheed region, which is signed by Wali. The notice should include the birth date and personal information of the infant and parents, along with copies of identity cards of parents that match the original or copies of their passports along with the original.
  • To record children born outside of the Sultanate, you need to obtain a certificate of registration or birth certificate of the official that is endorsed by the embassy of Oman or consulate in the country.

For Non Omanis

  • Birth announcement from the health center in which the birth took place.
  • A copy of the parents’ residence card or passports of parents, together with their original.
  • A duplicate of the wedding certificate that has been endorsed from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the original.
  • Original identity cards, also known as a residence card or identification card or passport issued by the one providing the information.

Office Locations and Contacts

Directorate General of Civil Status

P.o Box 871; PC 111

Tel: 24521951 – 24521864

Fax: 24521927

Email contact form:


Birth instances that are recorded in the Civil Status System records:

  • The birth of Omanis within the Sultanate and in other countries
  • The child was birthed in Oman with foreign parents living within the Sultanate.


  • The father, If present.
  • One of the closest adult family members of the newborn present during the birth.
  • A mature adult who lives in the same residence that is the home of the newborn born.
  • The doctor or any other authorized person who gave birth to the baby.
  • Directors of hospitals, directorates for maternity prisons, quarantines or any other place where birth occurs.
  • The chief or sheikh for the region.
  • The mother.

Note: The responsibility of reporting will not fall on anyone of those mentioned informants, except for the previous one. Reporting cannot be accepted by anyone who isn’t legally responsible for it.


  • First Issue: 2(RO)
  • Copy of Original 1(RO)
  • Lost/damaged: 5(RO)


The report must be submitted within two weeks of your birthdate at the Sultanate and within three (3) months of Omani Mission. Omani Mission if the birth occurs outside of the country and the stay lasts more by 3 (3) three (3) months.

If the duration of stay in the country in which the birth took place is not more than 30 (30) days the birth can be not reported to the Registrar of the Sultanate no later than 15 (15) days of the date of the return.

The Document is required

A Birth Certificate includes the name and gender of a person, as well as the date and location of birth. It is issued following the registration of the birth of a child.

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