How to Register a Commercial Business In Oman

Register a Commercial Business In Oman By Online

  1. You can apply to conduct a commercial enterprise via the Ministry of Commerce the new electronic system called Governmental commercial services. It was introduced in 2006 to make it easier for investors with their investments and speed up the registration process by submitting an application to the directorate of Investor Services within the Ministry in its own or to directorates (regional directorates). Link
  2. Investors are able to submit this online application form to directorate for investment services (the only station) or any directorate or regional directorates that are part of the ministry.
    1. Trade name registration applications.
    2. Applications for commercial record issue.
    3. Other applications that are related to registration for commercial purposes e.g. renewal, capital increase, and sales registration…
    4. Trademark registration applications.
    5. Registration of commercial agencies is required for applications.
    6. Application for permissions for commercial activities (importing licenses marketing deals), etc…
    7. Applications for Industrial Licenses.
    8. Mining license applications.
  3. Applications are made directly to Ministry of Commerce and Industry or any directorate and related regional directorates offices for finalizing procedures, lawyers’ offices/ accountants.
  4. The registration officer enters the information using computers by communication with the investor as well as the examination of the documents required.
  5. Application approval:
    1. Applications that do not require review, auditing, or notifying investors of necessary fees via SMS or e-mail address , are approved in person.
    2. If an application is required approval or examined by a particular office, the applicant will be notified by email or SMS regarding the status of the application or about the fees to be paid, if there are any.
  6. Payment : The charges should be paid by the bank that is located inside the Ministry’s office in Muscat or through either the card with a smart chip or any other bank credit card. Payments are made through employees of the directorate or regional directorates that belong to the Ministry.
  7. The required certificate and license are made available after payment of the fees.

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Regional Municipalities and Water ResourcesHotline +968 24 60 07 01
Contact number: +968 2460 15 51

Ministry of Commerce and Industry
Tel: +968 24828871 / +968 24828872
Fax: +968 24828000
Po. Box: 550
Place: Way 355, Ruwi, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman

Other Offices


Residents and citizens as well as those in the commercial sector.


Anyone can apply to all of the departments that belong to the Ministry of Commerce whether in the principal building of the ministry through the Investor Services Office or any of the regional directorates, regional directorates, or building in the governorates and other regions of the Sultanate or through the procedures that finalize accountants, lawyers, or offices who are recognized by the ministry as well as completing processes like fees payments certificates receipts, a certificate of payment, and registration licenses.

Information that can be useful

Directorate of Investors Services (One One Stop Shop)

Electronic systems that is part of the Ministry of Commerce started its work in the area of commercial services provided by the government – that was designed to make use of the technology to restrict all approvals for the industrial and commercial record mining, as well as all other related services provided by the various government agencies that participate in the single station.

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The official Oman eGovernment Services Portal



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