How To Register a Death In Akrotiri

How To Register a Death In Akrotiri

When the Registrar is personally from any competent informant at any point prior to the end of the twelve month period after the date of death or the fining of the deceased body of a person details of the facts required to be recorded in connection with the person’s death when he receives any details to be registered regarding what caused the death that must be provided by anyone not the informant, he must immediately declare the death and details, if not already registered in the prescribed format and in the manner he has been instructed to do, without charge or compensation of the information source.

After the expiration of 12 months from the death or discovery of the body of any individual the death of that person is not registered in any way, unless it is authorized by the written consent from the Registrar General in the manner and with any conditions that may be specified and having obtained the authority from the Registrar General will be noted in the register.

The Registrar upon registration of any death, shall immediately give to the person providing details about the death a document proving that he registered the death. However, he could, prior to declaring the death and subject to the conditions that may be specified when he receives a written notification of the death for which the certificate has been issued or certificate, provide to the person who sent notification, in the event that they are he is required to give a certification on his behalf that he received notice of the death and any certificate provided under this subsection is provided without charge

Documents that are required Register a Death

  • Certificates of the cause of death
  • Identification card

Office Locations and Contacts

SBA Customs Office Information

What Are All The Eligibility

The following people are competent to provide information regarding the cause of death when a person dies in a home:

  • any other relative of the deceased who is present at the time of death or present during the last illness
  • any other relatives of the deceased living in the same area as the death took place;
  • anyone who was present at the death
  • the person who is the owner of the home was aware of the demise;
  • anyone who was aware of the cause of the death
  • the person who is responsible for the removal or removal of the human body.


  • Death registration within 12 months of registration is free
  • Death registration at the end of 12 month is 30
  • Death certificate (to the person who is notified at the moment when registration was made) is not required.
  • Death certificate (in any other circumstance) is 5
  • The certificate of registration issued by the Registrar of death is not required.
  • The certificate of registrars of the receipt of death notice is available for free


A Registration in Death document serves as an indefinite legal record of the death.

Examples of Documents

Births and Death Registration Ordinance

How To Register a Death In Akrotiri
How To Register a Death In Akrotiri


The Fiscal Officer who is the director of SBA Customs and Immigration has charge of a broad range of tasks that go beyond those typically associated with an official customs agency. This includes issues related to border control at the external borders as well as indirect and direct taxation and other diverse topics like the registry of births and deaths.

If a body that is dead is discovered and no information about the location where it died is provided the death must be recorded by the Registrar of Births and deaths of the area where the body was located.

The person who is registering must provide the Registrar, prior to the expiration of 5 days after the death information that is true to their knowledge about the details needed to be registered with respect to the death. The registration should be completed in the presence of the Registrar confirm the register


  • the disclosure of details and the signing on the record by qualified informant is regarded in the discharge of any obligation in Section 3.2 of the Ordinance any other qualified informant
  • This section of the Ordinance is not applicable the event of an inquest at the time of death.

Requirements Information

  • Full name as of the time of death of the deceased
  • Birth date and location If available
  • Date and place of the death.

Need to have the Document

Each death that occurs in the Sovereign Base Area of Akrotiri (WSBA) and the reason of the death must be recorded by the Registrar of Births and deaths for the region in which the death took place by recording in a registry maintained for the Area specific details about the death that are required.

Area Offices are the civilian government of areas within the Sovereign Base Areas and is an integral component of Sovereign Base Areas Administration. The each Sovereign Base Area has its Area Office. i.e. that of the Office Area Akrotiri is which is for Sovereign Base Area of Akrotiri (WSBA) and the Area Office Dhekelia which is for Dhekelia, which is for the Sovereign Base Area of Dhekelia (ESBA).

Information that can be useful

After when the applicable time beginning with the date of death or discovery of the body of anyone, the death of the person concerned has, because of the deficiency of the person who were required to disclose information regarding it not been registered the Registrar can through a written notice or in writing, require any person who is a qualified informant to:

  • to personally attend to the Office of the Registrar, or in any other location designated by the Registrar in his Areaprior to such day (being no less than 7 calendar days from the date of receipt or more than twelve months after the day of death or of the discovery that the corpse) in the manner stated in the notice and
  • To provide the greatest extent of the informants’ understanding and belief in the details that must be recorded in relation to the death.
  • to take the register into with the help of the Registrar
  • The obligation shall be deemed to no longer have effect if, prior to the date stated in the notice, and prior to the person who the notice is given either
    • the death is properly registered the death is registered
    • an inquest will be held regarding the death.

Other uses for the document/certificate

The Registrar has to:

  • after registering the death, give to the person who registered the death without charge the death certificate on the prescribed form;
  • at the request of any person, and on payment of the fee laid out by the Registrar, the Registrar issues the person applying a certificate of death in the prescribed format.

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Registers of live births, stillbirths and deaths shall be made in the form that may be prescribed, and the Registrar General will supply any such registers as well as one of the other forms listed for the purpose of certifying copies of register entries which might be required to fulfill the requirements.

If, prior to the expiration date of five days from the date of death or the discovery of the deceased body of any individual an informant who is qualified to report the death of that person sends the Registrar in writing a announcement of the death or the discovery of the body, accompanied by an announcement of a certification of the cause of death. the details that must be recorded in connection with the death must not be disclosed prior to the expiration date of five days, but must be given, in spite of the notice, be made available prior to the expiration of 14 days after the date of death or the identification of the deceased body of any individual by the person who is giving the notice, or by an other competent informant.

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