How To Register a Death In Andorra

How To Register a Death In Andorra

  1. Visit the Civil Registry in Andorra. Bring the necessary documents.
  2. Please fill out the following form: Declaration Form of Death
    How To Register a Death In Andorra
    How To Register a Death In Andorra


  3. Bring in and sign the necessary documents.

Documents Required Register a Death

  • A medical certificate for death
  • Declaration form for death
  • National identity or passport of the person who registered the death

Documents Required to Create Transcriptions in Andorra for deaths that occur abroad:

  • A death certificate that is a translation of the certificate issued by the nation in which the death occurred.
  • Identity document or passport of the person who is applying for transcription.
  • The formalization of demand transcription Civil Registry.

Office Locations and Contacts

Civil RegistryDr. Street. Vilanova, 13
Davi Building, 4 floor
AD500 Andorra la Vella
Phone: + (376) 809 580
Fax: + (376) 824575

What Are All The Eligibility

  • the closest kin or a relative of the deceased
  • Witness to the death of a person

Documents to Utilize

A Declaration of Death Form:

Instructions A death of a person who has died must be declared immediately at the Andorra Civil Registry.

  • Funeral homes can provide you with death certificates in the form of a literal document in order to later complete administrative tasks as needed.
  • If someone who is a resident of Andorra or an Andorran citizen dies overseas the death of his family member has to be registered.

External Links

Andorra Civil Registry:

Information on Death Registration:


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