How To Register a Death In Chile

How To Register a Death In Chile

  • Find an office for the Civil Registry nearest to the site where the death took place.
  • Bring all the necessary documents.

Inquire about the recording for the demise.

Documents that are required Register a Death

Registration using Medical Certificate of Death

  • A Medical Death Certificate in duplicate
  • Identity card of the applicant

Enrollment Death of Witnesses by Witnesses

  • identity card or identification documentation of the person who died
  • identity cards for an applicant as well as two other witnesses
  • Negative Medical Certificate point grant prevents from obtaining the Medical Certificate of Death of the Health Services area, if there is

Register of Death through Cause Violent

  • The Medical Certificate of Death issued by the Section of Legal Medical Service Thanatology
  • Injunction that explains why an autopsy is needed
  • identification card of the applicant identity card of the applicant, unless they apply for identity card of the applicant, unless they apply for Forensic Medical service.

“Death Registration Alluded Death

  • You must show the Civil Officer a copy of the final judgement declaring Alleged Dead

Office Locations and Contacts

Telephone Number 800 370 2000

To view Chilean Civil Registry and Identification location offices, go to this site: http://www.reg

How To Register a Death In Chile
How To Register a Death In Chile and click on the “Offices and Times” tab.

What Are All The Eligibility

Who is able to register the death:

  • family members of the deceased
  • the residents of the home in which the death took place or
  • friends who are aware of the family and personal circumstances of the individual (to provide the information that will be sought)


The registration of death is completely absolutely free.


  • The deadline for submitting an entry in the death of a person must be recorded within three (3) days after when the death occurred. After this time the applicant must apply for the judicial authorization process.
  • Medical certificate registration can be sought by relatives who lost a loved one, people living in the home where the death took place or by neighbors. If the deceased was held in a health facility or other then you must ask the Head of the establishment to Register.
  • If a death occurs in rural areas with no health service or doctor and you are unable to identify the cause of death The doctor issues a medical certificate to establish the causes and the death. Medical Certificate of Death. The registration must be signed by the person applying and two witnesses who are over 18 years old typically relatives that have died and who have met personally and seen the body of the deceased.
  • In the case of death violently that is caused by accident, homicide or poisoning, or any other unnatural causes, the register is utilized in the jurisdiction of The Legal Medical Service where legal autopsies are conducted.
  • To register a death of an suspected death, the person seeking to register must provide a Civil Official approved copy of the final decision declaring Alleged Death. The Death Registration for the district must be filed to be registered at the place where the Tribunal in the first instance. that has decreed Alleged Death.

The Document is required Register a Death

Deaths that occur in Chile need to be registered by Chile’s Bureau for the region where they took place.

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