How to Register a Death In Mozambique

Register a Death In Mozambique By Online

1.Death in a hospital

  • When a person dies in the health care facility and the death certificate of the hospital will be issued by the administrator of the establishment. In the event of death, health professionals who are likely attending the funeral receives the death certificate from the hospital and fills in the details regarding the deceased as well as the cause of death.
  • After that, the form to a nearby registry office (civil registry conservatories, district offices, or the post of the administrator )for death registration;
  • The registration office’s details of the deceased are registered into the Death Register, and the certified death certificate issued.

2.Death not in the health care facility

  • You must report your death to the local authority right away after the it has occurred.
  • The authority sends a formal letter announcing the death of the deceased;
  • Then, take the letter to the civil registration office (civil registry conservatories and district offices, or the administrative post) where the details of the deceased are provided and then the certification of death is given.

3.Death at sea

  • If death occurs outside of Mozambique Look for an Mozambican diplomatic presence within the country. in the country where the death occurred, or in a neighboring country (if there isn’t a Mozambican diplomatic representation in the country where the death took place);
  • Inform the authorities of the designated Mozambican diplomatic mission of the demise of the deceased
  • The incident is registered and the death certificate issued.

Required Documents For Register a Death

1.Copy of identification documents from the deceased

2.Hospital Death certificate (if the death occurred in an institution)

3.Letter declaring death from the local authority (if death didn’t take place in a hospital)

4.Embassy the death document (if you are a deceased person from an overseas country)

Office Locations and Contacts

The Directorate of the Registry. Directorate of the Registry

Ministry of Justice

Avenida Julius Nyerere 33, Maputo

Telephone Number. : (21) 491-613/ 490-940

Fax: (21) 494-264

Ministry of Health

Avenida Eduardo Mondlane 1008, Maputo

Telephone Number. : (21) 427-131/2/4

Fax: (21) 427-133


Mozambican diplomatic missions.

A list of these can be downloaded from and


Any family member of the deceased, friend, or relative or anyone else present at the time the death;


In effect for life

Processing Time

A single (1) One (1) (2) Days, but incomplete applications could take several days.


1.An applicant who is submitting a death report must provide complete information on the deceased

2.If it is possible that a death occurs, it should be announced in the presence of a witness

3.Death must be promptly reported;

4.Death is a valid cause of death for anyone present at the time of death;

The Information You Need

1.Name of the reporter who died

2.Name for the decedent

3.Date and birthplace of the person who died

4.Sex and age as well as marital of the deceased at the at the time of their death.

5.Time when the dead person died and the date they passed away.

6.Place of death

7.Cause of death

8.Place of residence when death occurs.

9.Place of burial

10.Details of the dependants who are left behind (Spouse as well as children)

11.Details about parents (names and address, as well as nationality and citizenship of each parent, occupations of both parents, dates of birth and Death of each parent)

12.Details of witnesses who were present at the time of death (the attending physician, midwife, or birth attendant, or any other witnesses)

Documentation is needed

The death registration process is an formal and permanent documenting of the death of a person by the state. The death registration process in Mozambique is managed in the Ministry of Justice through the National Directorate of the Registries and Notary (Direco National of Registos and Notariado, DNRN). The Directorate assures every death is recorded through conservatories for civil registration post, hospital and district office , or administrative posts.

Other uses for the document/certificate

1.Registering death permits the family members of the deceased obtain an official death certificate, which can be used to prove the death.

2.Registration of deaths is used on an international level to define death in relation to various the factors of age, gender and race.

3.Death registration aids in identifying the most important causes of death in the country.

4.Registering death records help government obtain information that can be used in the identification of any changes in the pattern of mortality;

5.The information is also utilized to plan processes at all levels of the country.

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