How to Register a Death In Oman

Register a Death In Oman By Online

  1. Find and submit all the required documents required to register the death.
  2. The death certificate will be issued as an official document that is approved by the government.

Required Documents For Register a Death

For Omanis

  • Death notice from the Health Care Institute in the area where the death occurred.
  • An official letter signed by the Sheikh or head of district that has been approved by the wali, if the death occurs outside of the hospital, and no notification can be received by the Ministry of Health.
  • Certificate of death or other valid document issued by any legitimate authority and certified by the embassy or consulate in Oman for the state in which the death occurs.
  • The original ID or passport card of the person who died.
  • Passport or Identity card of the applicant.
  • A signed notification from the applicant, if an individual’s name person could not be confirmed.

For Non Omanis

  • Death notice from the health institute which is where the death took place.
  • Original residence document or the passport of the person who died.
  • The applicant’s Id card, or passport or resident card.
  • A signed notification from the informant when an individual’s identity person could not be confirmed.
  • The death announcement must be signed by the ROP hospital.

Office Locations and Contacts

Directorate General of Civil Status

P.O Box 871, PC 111

Tel: 24521951 – 24521864

Fax: 24521927

Email contact form:


All deaths that occur within the Sultanate as well as deaths of Omanis who occur outside of the Sultanate must be recorded.

Informants who have legal responsibility to be able to report deaths:

  • The descendants, ascendants, or the spouses.
  • A person who is the nearest to the deceased’s family and is present during the time of death.
  • An adult who occupied the same room with the deceased, in the event that the death takes place in the same place of residence.
  • The chief or sheikh of the district.
  • The doctor who examined the deceased.
  • The directors of hospitals and prisons, quarantines or any other locations in which death occurs.
  • The attorney general is appointed when the execution is completed in twenty four (24) hours of the date of execution.
  • The Security and Defense units in charge of providing information to about the General Directorate of Civil Status about their personnel, civilians and volunteers who suffer or suffer martyrdom in or outside of the Sultanate.


Deaths that occur within the Sultanate has to be reported at the time of 2 (2) weeks of the day of the funeral or at the end of one (1) month when it happens outside the Sultanate.

The Document is required

The process of registering a death legally required. you have to register the death to get the necessary documents for the funeral director as well as for handling the estate of the deceased.

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