How to Register a Drone In Uganda

Register a Drone In Uganda By Online

  1. On arrival in the terminal, the person who is flying must declare the drone to security and customs officers to register and get clearance.
  2. Attach the invoice, origin, and any other document that is attached.
  3. Deposit notices for customs are sent to the applicant.
  4. The owners/ bearers/applicant are informed of the procedures for clearance, including Security authorization issued by Security Tripartite Committee on Drone Acquisition and Use.
  5. The applicant is required to pay URA tax clearance at customs.
  6. An applicant will be issued an Operator’s License from the Civil Aviation Authority (at usage/operation level)
  7. The documents pertaining to the Authorization of the Applicant are then sent to CAA via the Liaison officer UPDF Air Force.
  8. Customs then gets a approval to release and clear the drone to the owner according to the following.
  9. Temporary drone imports can be registered and distributed to owners.
  10. Drones imported by tax exempt importers are registered and then released following tax clearance.
  11. If the authorization is not granted, customs holds the drones for re-export to the the country of their origin.
  12. The Applicant is required to present the their original deposit slip/boarding pass, upon which drones are released. the person is taken by security/customs to the point of departure.

Required Documents For Register a Drone

  • Pilot’s RPA certificate of training.
  • A drone operator’s license is required.
  • Medical certificate for Class III
  • Report on the Clearance Procedure from URA (Uganda Revenue Authority)
  • Completed CAA authorisation application form
  • CDF (chief of the defense forces) Security authorization letter with no objection
  • Flying zones detailed report
  • Import clearance certificate
  • URA approval for importation of the drone
  • Drone operation Manual and Specifications.
  • The proposed geographical location and map of the operational area.
  • A copy of the third insurance for third parties.
  • Documentation of receipt of payment
  • Operation permit.

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Defence Permanent Secretary
P.O. Box 3798,Kampala, Uganda
Tel: 0414-565100
Tel: 0414-565118/9 Fax: 0414-222812

Airport Road-Entebbe
P.O.Box 5536 Kla
+256 312 352 000

Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities
2nd Floor, Rwenzori Towers at 6 Nakasero Road
+254 -041 4561700


  • Citizen
  • Resident [Ugandan]
  • Resident [Foreigner]
  • Visitor.


  • 200,000+VAT 18%.


  • Valid for one year

Processing Time

  • Processing time of 3 months is required before your request can be considered

Requirements Information

Organization Information (company who operates this drone):

  • Name of the Organization
  • Kind of Organisation (private or public)
  • Address of the Organization
  • Contact for the Organization
  • Contact number and name of the person responsible
  • Trade Licence No.
  • Insurance details covering drone operations

Personal Details:

  • Nationality
  • Birth date
  • Passport No.
  • Nation identification number for registration.
  • Visa No. (if applicable)

Operational Details:

  • Flying for a purpose in Uganda (private/commercial)
  • Type of Operations (survey/media/entertainment/etc.)
  • Area of operation (provide Google map coordinates)
  • Maximum Height of Operation:
  • Does the operation take place during evening or daytime?

Drone Details

  • Drone Engine Type (fuel or electrical)
  • Drone Manufacturer name
  • Drone serial number
  • Drone weight and payload
  • Drone weight, but no payload
  • The capability to use drones (survey media,Entertainment, etc.)
  • Drone control means (autonomous and radio-controlled)
  • Does the drone come with camera?
  • If yes you do, please include the camera’s details.

Information that could be helpful

  1. The organisation must ensure that all drones have been certified by UCAA prior to operating within the Uganda.
  2. The organisation shall ensure that the operation is not carried out in Uganda outside of the CAA airspace user’s consent
  3. The organisation shall ensure that there is no operation in Uganda outside of the CDF authorization for security and approval of the security committee.
  4. The organization shall ensure all operations are conducted in accordance with the conditions/limitations stated by the CAA (civil Aviation Authority)
  5. The organization must ensure that the operation is not being conducted in Uganda without insurance coverage valid.
  6. The agency must ensure that the drone operators are competent to perform the tasks they are intended and certified by the CAA.
  7. The company must ensure that a risk analysis (e.g. weather, night/day, areas of operation, safety for people on the ground) is carried out prior to every flight.
  8. The group must ensure that any incident is promptly reported to the CAA
  9. The organisation will make sure that no flight compromises security, safety or privacy to airspace users who are not in the same flight, their properties or people
  10. The organisation will ensure that the operations are conducted in line to guidelines of Civil Aviation, the CAA publications, those of the Ministry of Defence and all other government agencies that are involved.
  11. Drones that have not been registered with authorities such as the Uganda Civil Aviation Authority or with other relevant authorities can be intercepted from a variety of points of entry.
  12. The importation and use of drones could pose security risks
  13. If it isn’t monitored properly not registered and monitored, steps should be put in the place.
  14. Drones are mostly brought into Uganda by tourists, entertainment and event businesses and the families (toy drones).
  15. There is no legislation concerning the use and import drones. Uganda.
  16. The drones that are used for transit control have to be controlled via air and land routes because of the lack of monitoring mechanisms to supervise their departure as well as the structural airport for passengers who travel on transit (Absence of a transit lounge at EIA for passengers on Air transportation).
  17. In the updated guidelines The Army cautioned that those who have not declared the RPA is to be confiscated and destroyed and the culprit detained under the laws of Uganda.

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