How to Register a Drone In United Arab Emirates

Register a Drone In United Arab Emirates By Online

  1. After you have purchased the UAS/Drone and prior to operating it, you must sign up the drone before you can use it. It is necessary to submit an application on the E-Services system on the General Civil Aviation Authority’s (GCAA) website
  2. You’ll have to submit these documents:
    1. Attach valid Passport Copy
    2. Attach valid Emirates ID Copy
    3. Attach UAS/Drone colored photo
  3. The GCAA will scrutinize all documentation to determine the registration process.
  4. It takes about 12 days in order for your application to be considered.
  5. If the GCAA has confirmed that the necessary documents and information submitted conform to the requirements and meet with approval.
  6. If your application is accepted by the GCAA After approval, your email will come with a UAS/Drone Registration Certificate.
  7. Print the certificate attached The certificate will invalid unless it’s signed by the GCAA Licensing Department

Required Documents For Register a Drone

  • Attach valid Passport Copy
  • Attach valid Emirates ID Copy
  • Attach a UAS/Drone color photo

Office Locations and Contacts

General Civil Aviation Authority

Abu Dhabi,UAETel : 800 4466
Fax: 00971 2 4054535
P.O.Box: 6558

Dubai, UAE
Tel: 800 4466
Fax: 00971 4 2111502
P.O.Box: 30500

Sheikh Zayed Center Office
Khalifa City A, Abu Dhabi
Tel: 800 4466
Fax: 00971 2 5996889
P.O.Box: 666

Official Timing
8:30am – 2:30pm for GCAA Staff
From 8:00am until 1:00pm for Customers
Sun, Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs

GCAA Montréal
9999 University Street Suite 14.20 Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Tel: 001 (514) 954-5753
Fax: 001 (514) 954-5826
P.O.Box: P.O. Box:


  • Citizen
  • Resident [Arabic]
  • Resident [Foreigner]
  • Visitor


There is no cost

Documents to Utilize


Requirements Information

Information about the Organization (company who operates this drone):

  • Name of the Organization
  • Sort of Organization (private or public)
  • Address of the Organization
  • Contact at the Organization
  • Name and contact details of the person responsible
  • Trade License Number.
  • Insurance details covering drone operations

Personal Details:

  • Nationality
  • Birth date
  • Passport No.
  • Emirates ID number.
  • Visa No. (if applicable)

Operational Details:

  • The purpose of flying within the UAE (private/commercial)
  • Type of Operations (survey/media/inspection/etc.)
  • Area of operation (provide Google map coordinates)
  • Maximum Height of Operations:
  • Are you operating during the evening or daytime?

Drone Details

  • Drone Engine Type (fuel or electrical)
  • Drone Manufacturer name
  • Drone serial number
  • Drone weights with payload
  • Drone weight and payload without payload
  • Drone capability for use (survey media, inspection, etc.)
  • Methods for drone control (autonomous or controlled by radio)
  • Do you have a drone with camera?
  • If yes then please give the camera’s information.

Information that could be helpful

Terms and Conditions:

  • The organisation must make sure that the drones have been registered with GCAA before attempting to operate within the UAE
  • The organisation shall ensure that the operation is not carried out within the UAE without GCAA ANA airspace user approval
  • The group shall ensure that there are no operations executed within the UAE without the GCAA security approval
  • The organization shall ensure all operations are conducted in accordance with the conditions/limitations stated by the GCAA
  • The organisation shall ensure that there is no operation performed within the UAE without insurance coverage valid
  • The organization must ensure that all drone operators are certified to perform the tasks they are intended for and licensed with the GCAA
  • The airline must make sure that a risk analysis (e.g. weather, night/day time, area of operations, security to people on ground) is carried out prior to every flight.
  • The organization must ensure that every incident is reported to GCAA
  • The organisation will ensure that every flight does not compromise security, safety or privacy to any other airspace users properties or people
  • The organization will ensure that the operations are carried out in compliance to guidelines of Civil Aviation, the GCAA publications, and other UAE government agencies.

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General Civil Aviation Authority




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