How to Register a Foreign Marriage In Pakistan

Register a Foreign Marriage In Pakistan By Online

  1. The secretary-union council is the best place to go. municipal committee officer in your area with all the documents required as well as the suggested fees.
  2. Couple must also include two male witnesses at the time of registration.
  3. For an application form to apply to submit your petition, go through the instructions carefully and complete it in a timely manner
  4. The couple, along with the witness has to fill out the application form,
  5. Pay the application fee and submit the completed form along with the required documentation to the register. The register will review and approve your documents
  6. The wedding registry will confirm the marriage and then stamp the document.

AROAD APPLICATIONConduct the Pakistan consulate/embassy of your country. List of diplomatic missions for more details

You can establish an attorney-law firm in Pakistan and they will help you with the procedure of registering your marriage online.

Required Documents For Register a Foreign Marriage

  • Foreigners must possess an active Pakistan visa in the moment the marriage ceremony. The visa could even be become a tourist visa.
  • If a person from outside the country is getting wedding to a local in Islamabad or Karachi with the help of a Pakistani national , then the bride must submit six passport-sized photographs. In Lahore four photographs are required.
  • Pakistani spouses must show their National Identity Card for the marriage registration.
  • If a person was previously married, but is now widowed or divorced, the present of the relevant document is required.
  • Documentary proof of the dates of birth of the parties.
  • Residence Proof for both parties.

Office Locations and Contacts

Headquarters are located in Islamabad
Ministry of Foreign Affairs,
Constitution Avenue, Islamabad
Tel. No. 051-9207895, 051-9056524

Room 28 2nd floor, Block 07
Balochistan Civil Secretariat,
QETTA PH / FAX nr. (081)-9203155

Camp Office Peshawar No. 18-C/2, Gul Mohar Lane,
The University Town of Peshawar.
Telephone/Fax No: (091)-9218126

Camp Office Karachi Main Shahrah-E-Faisal,
Adjacent To Ftc Building Karachi
Fax No. 021-9204991



  • The leader of at least one member of the party must be a Pakistani citizen.
  • A bride’s age must not exceed at least 18 years old age. The groom of the bride must be at least 18 years old. age.
  • The parties must not be within the bounds of the prohibited relationship
  • The parties involved must not have any other legal marriage.


Rs. 100/- In City (Rawalpindi-Islamabad, Karachi, Quetta, Peshawar, Lahore)
Rs. 200Out-City (Any city not listed above)


It is valid for a lifetime and therefore can’t be re-attested.

Requirements Information

  • Address of the wedding place.
  • Names of the bride and groom and addresses of the couple,
  • Names of their parents , as well as their addresses,
  • The bride’s age and the National Identification Card number,
  • Information about whether the bride or groom have already been married and if they have children.
  • Names of the representative of the bride and groom, if they have any and of the witnesses to the appointment of representatives,
  • The date of marriage registration
  • The name of the individual who performed the wedding and his or her signature,
  • The registration fee is paid.
  • The bride’s signatures and the groom
  • Signatures of representatives and their witnesses,
  • Seal and signature of Nikah Registrar’s seal and signature

The Document is required

  • It is legal to register all marriages that been held in Pakistan or in conjunction with or with a Pakistan nationalist to allow the ceremony to be recognized as legitimate.

Information that can be useful

The Ministry only attests documents in Urdu and English versions. Documents and their translations that is in a language other that English is not validly attested.
Candidates can get their documents certified by the Translation Centresthat have been authorized by the relevant diplomatic Mission in Islamabad and send them direct to Embassies.

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Attestation issued at the camp offices at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at Lahore, Quetta, Peshawar and Karachi is of the same quality and credibility as that of those of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Islamabad and, therefore the authenticity of these camps will not be replicated.

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