How To Register a Marriage In Albania

How To Register a Marriage In Albania

Weddings in Albania is possible through the civil ceremony, or the religious ceremony or both. The marriage has to be recorded by Albania’s Office of Civil Status (Zyra and Gjendjes Civile) in order to be legally recognized in Albania.


  1. The prospective spouses should visit the civil status office (Zyra and Gjendjes Civile) in their home and the location where the wedding ceremony is to take place with all the necessary documents and the required fee
  2. Demand an application form to your petition. Fill it in the correct manner, and attach all required copies of documents and pay the necessary fees
  3. The local register will examine your documents and will process them , and announce through the posting of a notification sheet at the designated locations of the commune or municipality with the civil portion of your potential spouse as well as the where you were married.
  4. This announcement will be on the public on a continuous basis for 11 days. in the event that there is no objection from the public. the register will notify you when the wedding will actually be held.
  5. When the date is set for your marriage registry You will have to be present with your spouse of choice for the signing of your marriage contract before the official from the unit in that municipality.
  6. There are two witnesses required. They should not be connected to either you or your spouse through marriage or blood, and are required to be in attendance on the premises of City Hall at the time the marriage is registered.The witnesses must show valid identity documents and confirm the marriage contract.

Documents Required Register a Marriage

  • The Birth Certificate you received:
If your birthplace was outside Albania You will require an official photocopy of your birth certificates that was issued within the last 3 months, authenticated by a unique seal known as “Apostille”
  • Divorce decree or certificate (if appropriate):
If you’re married prior to the time local authorities may need a certified copy your divorce decree , or certificate with an apostille affixing on it. Or an apostille-apostilled death certificate of your previous spouse, together with an official translation of your passport and a copy of your Biography Page or Albanian ID
  • If your spouse of choice has an Albanian citizen, then you should have his and her personal Certificate, as well as Albanian passport or identification card;
  • Two Witnesses:
Witnesses must be present at the time that the marriage ceremony is recorded and aren’t any relation to you or your spouse.
  • Affidavit of Eligibility for Marriage:
Albanian authorities require the proof of legal capacity before they can be able to sign a marriage agreement by way of a certificate from a competent authority stating that there is no obstacle in the way of wedding.

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Interior AffairsAddress:
Sheshi Sknderbej 3
+355 4 224 71 55
Website :

Municipality of Tirana
Blv. Dshmort e Kombit
+355 4 222 66 29
+355 4 225 30 53

Bashkia Lezhe Lagjia Skenderbeg,
Sheshi Gjergj Kastrioti
Lezhe, Albania
Tel: +355 215 22270 / 22219
Fax: +355 215 22570

What Are All The Eligibility

  • A marriage can be legally legalized between a male and woman who are at minimum 18 years old. old.However an individual Court of the city where the wedding was held, depending on the circumstances, might permit marriages before the age of 18.
  • Marriage can be concluded before the clerk of the civil registry office with the consent of the prospective spouses.


If the marriage cannot be completed within a year of the date of announcement, then the marriage can’t be finalized without a new announcement done in line with the requirements of the law.

Processing Time

  • 11 consecutive days until you can be officially married.The Civil Status Official will inform you what the date of your wedding will occur.


  • At least 11 days prior to the marriage ceremony, prospective spouses must be present in the Office of Civil Status in the municipality in which the marriage ceremony will take place.If one of the spouses are Albanian citizen, it will be the municipality in which the person has legal residence.If neither spouse have Albanian nationality, the couple are able to be married in the Civil Status Office covering their regular residence.

The Information You Need

  • Your name is
  • Sex
  • Birth date and location
  • Nationality
  • Personal identification document number
  • The status of marital (never married, divorced, or widowed)
  • Name of the fiancé

The document is needed

The marriage must be recorded with the Office of Civil Status (Zyra and Gjendjes Civile) in order to be legally recognized in Albania.

Information that can be useful

Family Code of Albania

How To Register a Marriage In Albania
How To Register a Marriage In Albania

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  • The application for the announcement should be submitted by the spouses who will be married in the future or their authorized representative as stipulated in a limited power of attorneys.
  • An announcement must be made in the municipal or commune in which each of the prospective spouses reside. If they’ve not resided in their current residency for more than six months or more, then the announcement should make it in the municipal or commune in which the spouse lived previously.

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