How To Register a Marriage In Armenia

How To Register a Marriage In Armenia

  1. Visit the Civil Registry office to register the birth of your child.
  2. Bring in and sign the necessary documents.
  3. Fill out an application form.
  4. Make the payment.

Documents Required Register a Marriage

  • If a person marries, he must sign with a formal application (template can be found at the Ministry of Justice of Armenia, address or Civilian Authority) If you are unable to be present at the person who marry a natsogh Civilian Authority for a joint application, it can be made by a married individual. Civilian authority is the one to use in the event of a absent person who signs the application. must be endorsed by a consular authorities or notary officials of the foreign country in Armenia. Republic of Armenia to carry the function of a notary, or any other authorized person to perform the functions of a notary
  • Is the person for whom the person u are identifying is the person whose identification documents.
  • prior marriages u nutyan termination document documents, if the individual had previously discovered a strong U nutyan (eg marriage certificate, death certificate of spouse or the marriage annulment court’s final decision of a foreign state court decision granting divorce final judgement and so on.)

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Justice+374 10 35-83-99


  • The marriage registration fee is the state fee of 1,000 AMD. Civilian bodies of work that are not part of marriage is responsible to pay state registration fees in the amount of AMD 10,000, which is the fee added.
  • Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Armenia Civil Status Registration Office of the Civil Status Chamber of marriage registration for marriage registration is 50.000 AMD
  • Civilian through another local marriage registration at the rate set by local authorities (such is the situation).

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How To Register a Marriage In Armenia
How To Register a Marriage In Armenia


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