How To Register a Marriage In China

How To Register a Marriage In China

  • You can get singleness certificates from the companies of both parties or the residence committees.
  • Present ID cards and residence certificates.
  • Conduct pre-marital medical examinations in the designated hospitals of the wedding registry office.
  • Fill out the marriage registration form.
  • The marriage licenses will be issued after you have passed the examination by the Marriage Registration Office

Documents Required Register a Marriage

  • Residence certificates from both the parties.
  • ID cards for both the parties.
  • A singleness certification issued by each of the the companies that employ them and residence committees.
  • Medical documents that prove you’re medically fit to marry.
  • Four 2-inch photographs of each person; the photos of both parties must be identical background colors.
  • Give a divorce certificate in the event that one member of the marriage has been divorced.

Office Locations and Contacts

Chinese People’s Republic Ministry of Public AffairsAddress 47 Main Street, Dongcheng District No. Beiheyan
Zip Code: 100721
Tel: (010) 58123114
How to Get There

Links of Local Authorities’ W

How To Register a Marriage In China
How To Register a Marriage In China


What Are All The Eligibility

  • The couple must reach the minimum age of marriage for males, which is 22 years old and for women aged 20 years However, people can marry earlier if they have parental consent.
  • People are not allowed to be married to someone with a spouse or husband who has more than one wife or husband in any country isn’t allowed in Chinese law.

Only a male and female, and not two people who are of the same gender can be married in China.

Processing Time

Since the enactment of the new marriage law it takes now the marriage registry office around one hour to read the documents submitted and then accept the marriage application.


  • The wedding ceremony is registered by both parties in the local wedding registration offices in their area with residence certificates, ID cards or marriage licenses issued by their businesses or their residence committees.
  • The office handles the marriage applications.
  • The office issues marriage licenses to the couple after the application has been completed.

The Information You Need

  • Your name is
  • Sex
  • Place and date of birth
  • Nationality
  • Personal identification document number
  • Marital status (never married , divorced or widowed)
  • Your name and the initials of your fiancé/fiance
  • Witness names
  • The location where the wedding was held
  • Date of wedding

The Document is required Register a Marriage

  • The marriage ceremonies within China are registered in accordance with China’s laws. China regardless of the nationality of the couple who are getting married. Registration procedures for marriages are handled by the office for marriage registration within the civil affairs department local to the area (Minzhengju) in each state.
  • Wedding couples must visit these locations for more specific information. There might be a cost for this trip. The office for civil affairs is the one located within the state where Chinese citizens are registered. Chinese citizens is registered (the address of the Hukou).

Information that could be helpful

  • If divorce is a possibility The original proof for divorce must be provided Documentation of divorce: Certificate of Divorce Certificate of Disengagement from Matrimonial Relationship and a written conciliation declaration or court judgement (accompanied by a valid certificate) A testimonial of divorce provided by the marriage registry office in an overseas country must be confirmed through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the respective country or a competent authority authorised by it, and the consulate or embassy of China in the country of origin. The written conciliation declaration issued of a foreign court should not be considered valid till an intermediate court in China orally orders recognition.
  • A Single Status Certificate (also called Affidavit of Single-Status, Certificate of No Record of Marriage, Certificate of No Impediment the The Single Statutory Declaration Certificate of Legal Ability to Contract Marriage or any other). It is designed to prove that you’re not currently married. Every country has its own method to provide this service and some offer this service through consulates or an embassy in China So, you must look up your country’s website to determine the appropriate procedure.

Other uses for the document/certificate

When the marriage registry office is satisfied with the application and has registered the marriage the office issues the marriage certificate which can be collected from the couples.

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  • When an application is received to marry The civil affairs department will verify that the couple is of the age of marriage (generally 22 for males and 20 for females, however a higher minimum could be determined in the area by the office of civil relations) in addition to ensuring that both are not married and have no intention to wed. Anyone who has previously been married is required to submit authentic or certified copies the final divorce or annulment orders, or death certificates in the case of widowed.
  • The requirements for application may differ depending on the office. If someone goes to the proper marriage registry office to collect one of the forms to apply and determine the nearest hospital(s) that the overseas couple should be checked it is important to check to see if the offices specifications differ from those mentioned in this article.



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