How to Register a Marriage In Mozambique

Register a Marriage In Mozambique By Online

Civil Marriage
  1. In this scenario you find an area conservatory suitable for civil marriages, then write an application for marriage at the conservatory and send your application to the registry.
  2. Once the documents are received and the registrar issues an announcement of wedding for a specified amount of time. The notice period is during which the registrar requires those who are opposed to marriageto submit his or his or her objection.
  3. If the notice period expires and no objections are received, the registration proceeds and the marriage is conducted on the date set and on the day of the wedding the marriage will be registered with a certificate of marriage issued to you.
Religious Marriage
  1. In this instance it is the first step to apply for an official wedding at the Conservatory for Civil marriages where all procedures for an formal marriage are carried out and at the end the marriage certificate is given;
  2. After you have the wedding certificate you will then make an application for a religious ceremony. Here, you will be required to bring an Official Marriage certificate to a church or religious institution (church or mosque, temple and synagogue, among others);
  3. After submitting an application and presenting the necessary documents, a marriage ceremony is performed by a religious priest;

Required Documents For Register a Marriage

1.Proof of Birth and Age (for both candidates) (Birth Certificate);

2.Proof of the nationality (Passport or national Identity Card / National Birth Certificate);

3.Divorce certificate (for applicants who were married at one time)

4.Photocopies from Identification Two witnesses’ documents

5.Copy of the marriage contract (in case the couple had previously been married prior to the notary public);

6.Copy of the marriage license (applicants for a ceremony of faith);

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Justice

Avenida Julius Nyerere 33, Maputo

Telephone Number. : (21) 491-613/ 490-940

Fax: (21) 494-264


Adults who make a lifetime time commitment to one another and who would like to be acknowledged


A marriage that is registered is valid for as it is valid as long as couple is alive and have not yet obtained an annulment decree or an official declaration of divorce.

Processing Time

Processing time is 30-60 days.


1.Applications must be made in person

2.Applicants may be citizens or foreigners.

3.Foreigners require a valid permit to be allowed to stay in the country.

4.There are witnesses to be present during the ceremony of marriages;

5.Each party should have at the very least one witness.

6.Endeavor to satisfy the traditional requirements for marriage prior to applying to register the marriage;

7.Once married, the applicant must verify that the previous marriage has been legally dissolved prior to applying for registration.

8.Citizens living in other countries can marry at any nearby Mozambique consulate or embassy;

9.Applicants should be aware that in polygamous families, only one marriage is able to be registered.

Requirements Information

1.Name as well as address for each applicant

2.Sex and age of the applicant

3.Nationality of the applicant

4.Particulars of the parents of every applicant

5.Particulars that identify witnesses for the wedding

Need to have the Document

The process of marriage is one in the life of two people who arrive at a mutual understanding and commit for the rest of their lives to one another. The process of registering marriage is of registering the lifelong commitment to be recognized as official. Registration of marriage in Mozambique is managed through the National Directorate of the Registries and Notary (Direco National de Registos et Notariado DNRN) which falls under the the supervision of the Ministry of Justice. The Directorate manages marriage registration through the conservatories for civil and religious marriages as well as through the local authorities that oversee traditional marriages.

Information that could be helpful

It is important to note believe that traditional marriages are most cases not registered. However, upon request and upon proving that two persons have lived as couple for at least three (3) years and their marriage could be recorded as a real union in a particular book.

Other uses for the document/certificate

1.Registering marriage is when a union is recognized legally;

2.A marriage certificate may be used as an identity document.

3.The data gathered is used by the government in its population process for planning and census;

4.Registering marriage is beneficial in protecting of the rights of both parties regarding properties owned by the applicants

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