How to Register a Stillbirth In Isle Of Man

Register a Stillbirth In Isle Of Man By Online

Visit The Douglas or Peel Civil Registry to register stillbirths, or utilize the registration service offered through Castletown Commissioners at the Civic Centre or Ramsey Town Commissioners at Ramsey Town Hall.

Required Documents For Register a Stillbirth

  • Medical Certificate of Still-birth issued by the midwife or doctor
  • Birth certificates will be issued to each parent’s information will be recorded on the register of Still-births as well as documents for changing names (if appropriate)
  • Certificate of marriage (if required)
  • Photo ID valid for each parent whose information will be recorded into the Registry of Stillbirths (e.g. passport, driving licence, etc.)

Office Locations and Contacts

The General Registry

Address: The Registries Building
Deemsters Walk
Bucks Road
Isle of Man
Post Code Post Code: Post Code:

Civil Registry

Telephone: + 44 (0) 1624 687039
Email Address:


Who is able to register a stillbirth?
  • If both parents are married, and both parents are registered, either parent is able to declare the birth.
  • If the parents aren’t married and the father’s information must be recorded in the Register of Births, both parents need to be able to sign the register.
  • When the father not able to visit the office along with his mother, but his information is to be included into the Register of Still-births, he could sign a statutory statement in which he acknowledges that he is the parent to the baby. The mother must make this declaration statutory at the request of the Registrar.

In the event that the mother becomes not able to be present at the office along with her father, she could sign an official declaration that acknowledges paternity of the father. The father must make this declaration statutory in person to the Register.

Requirements Information

Child’s details
  • the birthplace and date of birth (the date and time of birth is also recorded in the event that you record more than one child)
  • forename(s) as well as surname
  • Sexual sex
Father’s information
  • forename/s and surname
  • Birthplace of the child
  • job (if the parent isn’t currently employed outside of the home, the last previously held job is required.) Note: Unemployed cannot be recorded into the register of Births.
  • the usual address
Details of Mother’s name
  • forename/s and surnames, including maiden surname (if appropriate)
  • before, the surname was used. (If you were married more than one time, the surname you enter is the most recent wedding)
  • Birthplace of the child
  • job (If parents are not currently employed outside of the home job, the most recent previous job should be listed.)
  • the usual address

Need to have the Document

The following are the steps to follow for registering an unborn child in the Isle of Man. A still-born infant is a baby born in the 24th week of pregnancy that did not breathe or show any other indication of life when born.

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