How to Register as an Investment Adviser In United States

Register as an Investment Adviser In United States By Online

  1. The registration process is conducted electronically via the Investment Adviser Register Depository (IARD) IARD, which is a safe Internet database system. It is necessary to first create the IARD account. Links: To set up your account, click here.
  2. After establishing an account, you can access the Form ADV (Part 1.) through IARD Complete this section of the Form ADV and transmit it electronically through IARD and to the SEC. Part 2 of ADV ADV must be submitted electronically via IARD by advisers who have registered as registered members of the SEC.
  3. The SEC typically is given 45 days following receipt of the ADV ADV in order to make your application as effective. The SEC will issue an Effective Order after your registration is declared to be effective. An adviser can also check on IARD under the heading “Registration/Reporting Status” to see if its registration has been declared effective by the SEC. Effective Orders are not given an exempt report to advisers because the filings of exempt reporting advisers are not registration applications in the capacity of an investment adviser. A financial adviser is able to view all reports submitted to IARD in the section “historical filings”.Form ADV consists of two parts. advisers who register or are licensed with the SEC must complete Part 1A and Part 2. Exempt advisers reporting to the SEC are required to only complete certain sections of Part 1A. Exempt reporting advisers are not required to have to complete Part 2.
    Part 1 requests information on the adviser’s business, individuals who own or control the adviser, as well as whether the adviser or a portion members of its staff were sanctioned for violating Securities laws, or any other law. Part 1 is accessible in electronic format and is recorded and modified through IARD. Check out the General Instructions to ADV (No. 4) for information on updating Form ADV (No. 4) for more information about updating the Form ADV.
    Part 2 is an unwritten disclosure statement (brochure) which provides details regarding business practices, fees and conflicts of interest advisors might have with its clients.

Office Locations and Contacts

Securities and Exchange Commission
SEC Headquarters
100 F Street, NE
Washington, DC 20549
(202) 942-8088
Contact Info
Regional Offices

Processing Time

The SEC generally gives you 45 days following the receiving the ADV to review the ADV to declare your registration as effective.

Documentation is needed

Here’s a step-by-step guideline on how to become an Investment Advisor.

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