How To Register as Ground Freight In Chile

How To Register as Ground Freight In Chile

  • Go to any of the offices or branch of the Civil Registry.
  • Request to add the record.
  • Make sure to submit all required documents.

Documents that are required Register as Ground Freight

Registration of Semi-trailers and Trailers

  • Certificate of registration
  • A notarized photocopy of the document

The first registration of Semi-trailers or Trailers

  • Invoice indicating the procurement and tax payment
  • customs documents
  • Credit note for registrations created from a customs document
  • A request to modify a customs documents

Office Locations and Contacts

  • Telephone Number 600 370 2000

To view Chilean Civil Registry and Identification location offices, go to this site: and click on the “Offices and Times” tab.


There is no cost for this procedure.

The Information You Need

  • Make
  • Model
  • Type (trailer or semitrailer)
  • year of manufacturing
  • color (only when indicated)
  • capacity, the quantity and the arrangement on axles to indicate the wheels on an axle
  • Body type
  • Weight of the vehicle in gross
  • numbers or identification numbers (chassis number or VIN)

The Document is required Register as Ground Freight

The National Register of Road Freight is a registered database that keeps the records of all semitrailers, trailers truck and tractors and to ensure that their Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) is at or more than 3,860 kilograms.

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