How To Register as Immigrant In Belgium

How To Register as Immigrant In Belgium

1.) To sign up, send an email with the address below:


2.) Go to:

Population Service

Foreigners’ Office

Centre for administration

Boulevard Anspach 6

3rd floor

1,000 Brussels Map

as well as to

Contact office located in Laeken

Boulevard Emile Bockstael 246

1020 Brussels (Laeken)Map

Important: It is crucial that the person who wants to register provides their correct information to administration (street number, number, Box number). The police will verify if the person actually lives at the address.

3.) Issue of ID card or Certificate

If you are a holder of the visa D, they can obtain one of the A cards electronically (temporary stay) at the time of registration. The validity period is contingent on the type of stay (1 year for family reunification who has unlimited legal residency in other instances it is based on the duration of activities, as well as the duration of validity for the permit to work on the card for professionals, and of the period of the spouse/relative’s stay ,…).

The person is issued an appendix 15 as a prelude to the issue of the card (production period of approximately three weeks). Be aware that if it is a student who has an international visa D who has provided an education or school certificate from a different institution that is different from the one listed on their visa, they is issued a certificate of registration that is valid for four months starting from the time of the student’s date of arrival to Belgium. In order to purchase an electronic card, the applicant must attend to a favorable recommendation from the immigration service.

Employers or self-employed individuals who are exempt from visa C, or who possess the legal right to reside in any member state of the EU or in the EEA or Switzerland are also required to obtain an electronic card, if all the required documents are provided during the period of legal residence.

For family reunions that are exceptional without visa D: after all the documents have been provided, the individual who is reuniting receives a acknowledgement (appendix 15bis and 41bis) and upon registration the person receives an official certificate for a maximum of six months. After the expiration of the certificate of registration and in not having a positive opinion from the Immigration Service, the person who is foreign will be qualified to apply for their electronic card (valid for one year when he/she is a part of a group who has unlimited legal residency and is limited to the length of the remaining person with a limited legal residence).


  • In order to register, you’ll need submit 5 photos (in the event that a card A was granted) or 3 photos (in the event that the certificate of registration was given).
  • If the child is younger than 12 years old 2 photos suffice, and they’ll receive an enumeration form with a tiny evidence of their identity.

Note The registration certificate cannot be used for travel out of Belgium.

Documents Required Register as Immigrant

Holders of an agreement visa (visa D)

  • family reunification in connection with the particular circumstances of family reunion (spouse or child) and the providing a certificate for marriage, birth or death certificate (translated legally, legalised, and accompanied by a small note (apostille) in accordance with the specifics of the situation)
  • Employee: Work permit B
  • self-employed individual Professional card
  • Stay restricted to the activities of the certificate that are being conducted and a possible exclusion from the work permit
  • student’s registration at the institution or university that is specified by the Visa. If the stay is limited to the certificate of scholarship that is issued by the scholar, or if it is a stay that is restricted to study exchanges: the confirmation of the exchange.

Some individuals who do not have a visa D, but who legally reside in Belgium

  • Employer exempted from visa C or possession of a legally valid residency permit from any member state belonging to the EU, EEA or Switzerland
    • Work permit B
    • Medical certificate of standard (the Immigration department can provide an original that must be completed by a doctor)
    • Extracts from the criminal records (translated legally, with an extra note (apostille) in accordance with the specifics of the case).
  • Self-employed individuals exempted from visa C or who are in possess of a valid and legal residency in a states of EU, EEA or Switzerland
    • A professional card must be presented for submission.
    • A standard medical certificate (the Immigration department can provide an official copy, which must be completed by a physician)
    • Extracts from the criminal records (translated and legalised, and accompanied by an extra note (apostille) according to the situation).
  • Family reunion without visa
    • For the spouse to submit an official certificate of marriage (translated or legalised, and accompanied by an apostille or marginal note (apostille) in accordance with the particulars) It must be an original document not the transcription.
    • The partner who is the foreigner within the situation of a relationship that is long-lasting or submission to the registered foreign partnership (translated legally, legalised, and accompanied by an apostille or marginal note (apostille) in accordance with the specifics of the situation) or the declaration that legalized cohabitation (to be acknowledged through the marriages department and Legal cohabitation department) plus evidence of a long-term relationship (birth certification of the common-born child or proof that the couple have been in contact for over a period of at least 2 years, or proof of actual cohabitation in a different country for at least one year)
    • If the child is of an other foreigner: submit the birth certificate (translated legalised, legalised, along with an extra note (apostille) in accordance with the specifics) or guardianship/custody (if your child will be residing with one of the parents)

In order to be able to use these 3 kinds of family reunion, other documents are also needed:

  • The registered lease contract, or the deed of ownership of the other party
  • Medical certificate of standard (the Immigration department can provide an original that must be completed by a doctor)
  • Extracts from the criminal record (translated and legalised, with a note (apostille) according to the situation)
  • Medical insurance in Belgium
  • Evidence of a sufficient income for the other party (this requirement is not relevant to a child who is becoming a parent).

Specific Case: A relative of a refugee certified as a refugee is not required to have an approved lease contract as well as a deed of ownership, nor a proof of income for the other individual, or an insurance policy for health.

NOTE: Every mandatory documents have to be provided during the legal stay in order to be able to register into the official immigration registry.

What Are All The Eligibility

  • Foreigners who are not from of the EU, EEA or Switzerland and who are not connected (by marriage or partnership, or directly descendent) to any subject of either the EU, EEA or Switzerland.


    • The Electronic Card: 17.50 euro
    • Cards with electronic technology (to receive within 4 working weeks): 150 euro
    • Card with an electronic chip (to receive within 2 working days): 200 euro
    • Certificate of Registration: 7.50 Euro
    • ID cards for children who are younger than 12 years old is absolutely free at no cost.
    • A declaration of Arrival (short duration of stay, tourist visa): 17.50 euro


      Individuals can sign up under one of the categories listed below:

      Holders of an agreement visa (visa D)

      There are a variety of visa Ds including family reunion, stay with a restriction on the work permit and professional cards, the activities, the student visa ,…

      Some people who are not visa D are able to legally reside in Belgium

      It is possible for those living temporarily within Belgium (short time or holders of tourist visas) to become an employee within the country. They will need to submit all necessary documentation (check: what documen

      How To Register as Immigrant In Belgium
      How To Register as Immigrant In Belgium

      ts must be presented?) during the legal stay.

      Family reunion is not a requirement for Visa D is more limited than it was before.

      A right of family reunion is not applicable for those entering the country on the visa C, with the exception in the following situations:

      • The applicant is granted the visa C for a purpose of pursuing to marrying or entering into an alliance and has submitted all the required documents (see section: What documents are required to be presented?)
      • The person who is applying for the position has a minor
      • The applicants are the parents of an individual minor who has not been accompanied of a minor subject to the protection of a subsidiary

      Family reunification is applicable to foreigners who is exempt from the visa requirements for short-term durations (e.g. in the United States, Serbia, Japan,) or who has the legal residency status of any member state of the EU or and the EEA or Switzerland. All documents required must be provided during the duration of the legal stay.

      Note: The family reunification category focuses on the spouse and partner, the children who are younger than 18 (exception of unmarried disabled children who is 18 or older) or the person who’s a foreign national, but not those who are the ascendant (with the exclusion of the above-mentioned exception: parents to an adult who has not been accompanied, or an unaccompanied minor who is with a the protection of a subsidiary).

      Furthermore, spouses and partners must be 21 years old (18 in the case that the marriage bonds or the registered partnership was established prior to the arrival of another foreigner to Belgium). The other foreigner must have a legal residence for at minimum twelve months (except for children of minors, disabled child born at 18 or a relative of a recognized refugee or in the case that the marital bond , registered or registered partner was prior to the arrival of another international to Belgium).

      This is not the case in the case of a foreigner with an unrestricted legal residence (e.g. spouse of a person who’s legal residence is limited to the time period of their work permits)

      The Document is required

      An Immigrant is a person who has moved to an area or country to where they are not natives to set up residence in that region.

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