How to Register Bareboat Charter (Vessel) In Marshall Islands

Register Bareboat Charter (Vessel) In Marshall Islands By Online

  1. The application should be filled out on the form for the Official Number Call Sign and registration of the Bareboat Charter Vessel(RMI form MI-101BCR.
  2. Information about the charterer’s bareboat must be included in Part 1 along with the owner of the flag that is registered.
  3. The application must be signed and date by the person who charters the property.
  4. Send the necessary documents, fee and taxes on tonnage at the appropriate Regional Office.
  5. How to Register Bareboat Charter (Vessel) In Marshall Islands
    How to Register Bareboat Charter (Vessel) In Marshall Islands

Required Documents For Register Bareboat Charter

  • bareboat charter registration documents
  • Request for a charterer’s letter to charter bareboat
  • Affirmation or oath of charterer bareboat of commitment
  • recording of charter party
  • A certificate of officiality issued by the current country of registration establishing the title of the vessel as well as registered obligations.
  • Written consents with evidence of proper execution, from the owner of the ship and the mortgagee(s) or the financing charter lessor If there is any for the RMI registration;
  • Revocation of the right to Fly the Flag

Office Locations and Contacts

Regional Offices



  • To allow the request for bareboat charter registrations to be approved the vessel that is sailing under into the RMI flag must meet the conditions for the issuance of an interim Certificate of Registration, excluding of course, for the cancellation of ownership or registration from the current location of registration.
  • Registration will be made in your name as the charterer on the bareboat.

The Document is required

Bareboat charter registrations temporarily allow vessels to fly the flag of another nation however ownership is registered with the owner’s state. It is a wonderful source with flexibility for a variety of commercial circumstances.

A vessel that is registered in a different State could be a bareboat charter with the RMI which grants it the possibility of flying the RMI flag in accordance with Sections 260to 262 in the Maritime Act. RMI law shall apply to every aspect of the vessel’s operation including navigation, management, and navigation during the period of a registry for bareboat charters. Laws of the state of the registry (not RMI) However, it will be applicable to the vessel’s mortgage or financing charter as well as related instruments recorded as per Section 234 in the Act.

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