How To Register birth In Australia

How To Register birth In Australia

  1. Parents of the child are jointly responsible to have the birth registration of their child, and each must complete the Birth Registration Statement, whether they are legally engaged or not. If one parent only signs the Birth Registration Form the other parent must include a note explaining the reason for why the other parent isn’t able to sign.
  2. The application must be in writing and accompanied by a photo ID as well as the fee required for birth certificates or an extraction taken from the Register.
  3. A Birth Registration Statement is provided through The Hospital or Health Center where the birth took place. If the baby being who was born in a home environment, birth registration forms are usually provided by the caregivers supporting the time of birth.

Documents that are required

  • Registration form
  • Parents ID
  • An address for postal delivery is needed on the reverse of the form to allow certificates to be sent to that address.

Office Locations and Contacts

For further information, email

What Are All The Eligibility

All births occurring in Australia must be recorded


Birth registration is absolutely free


Birth certificates are valid for life.

Processing Time

The deadline for supplying the information is 60 days and 10 calendar days respectively.


  • The parent of a child born within the Territory and the Chief Executive Officer of a hospital or anyone else who is responsible for the professional care of a mother prior to the time of the birth, are obliged to provide to the Registrar information regarding baby’s birth.
  • Even if the birth is registered, the issue an official birth certificate upon registration is not automatic.
  • Parents must be as precise as they can regarding all the data. Certain information, like the infant weight is used for statistical reasons only and will not appear on the birth certificate.
  • The certification is vital because it confirms all details that parents have shared regarding the child. Both signatures have to be witnessed by an individual who is over 18 years old.

The Information You Need

  • The Birth Registration Statement includes the required information as per Regulation The Birth Registration Statement contains the following information:
  • Information about the baby like the baby’s name, sex and whether it was there was a multiple birth, the date and birthplace.
  • The names of parents and children who have gone before them.

Need to have the Document

Registration of the birth of the child can be legally accomplished that is in the best interest of both parents and the child. If the birth is not recorded, the parent is not able to get a birth certificate issued to the child.

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How To Register birth In Australia
How To Register birth In Australia


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