How to Register Birth In Macau

Register Birth In Macau By Online

  1. For a newborn baby to be registered parents or guardians have to sign a declaration in writing at the Civil Registry Office within 30 days following the birth. If the child is an unregistered infant under 14 years of age and that isn’t yet registered and not yet registered, the rules for the registration of infants are adhered to, with the required modifications.
  2. Registration:
    1. When the parents have been married, only the presence of just one is enough.
    2. If the parents are not married or the marriage hasn’t yet been registered each parent must appear their own documents at either the Civil Registry Office or at the Civil Registry Office.
  3. Once the birth certificate has been completed after which an official birth certificate (‘white card’) will be issued and given to the declarer as well as the certificate of birth can be sought.
  4. If the mother signs the declaration of birth by stating that she doesn’t intend to reveal details about the identity of the father, or does not mention its location The Civil Registry will not mention the paternity.

Late birth Registration Application (over 14 years old)

  1. The request may be sent by the person interested by any parent for whom the registrant’s responsibility lies, or through proxy.
  2. The completed application should be submitted with all the other conditions.
  3. You’ll need to pay 100 patacas to complete the application. Birth registration is completely free.

If you’re outside Macau

Contact information listed under the “Office Locations and Contacts section to connect the Macau consular office to inquire for registering that your baby was born.

Required Documents For Register Birth

Application to register births (under 14 years old):

  • Parent identification documents;
  • If either the mother or father or both are not holders of the Macao Resident ID Card or a passport, they need to present the proof of their residence in Macau or an entry card issued by Macao Immigration Services. Macao Immigration Services, namely residents, Hong Kong Resident Identity Card or passport
  • Certificate of marriage registration for parents in the event of marriage (unless it is registered by Macau Conservatory);
  • Name of the person who is registering;
  • Birth announcement sent from Keang Wu hospital and the notice number is issued through the hospital Conde S. Januario.
  • Note The originals of the documents listed above are required to verify the authenticity of the documents.

Application to register late births (over 14 years old)

  • Application (completed by an person in charge of the Conservatory);
  • Original and photocopy of identification document for the applicant;
  • Photocopies of identification documents for parents and siblings;
  • If parents or siblings have passed away you must show the original death certificate;
  • Marriage certificate of parents and of the registrant’s own in the event of marriage;
  • If the person who registered is born at a hospital of Macao the registrant must add elements to facilitate the search for the birth register in the records of the hospitals in Macao recorded within this Conservatory.
  • If the registrant wasn’t born in a hospital located in Macao then he has to provide documents proving that his parents lived within Macao at the date of birth, such as:
    • Identification documents of parents, issued at that moment by the Government of Macau;
    • lease agreement in behalf of the parents
    • Documents showing that parents had practiced in Macao during the time of their birth.
    • Documents showing that parents were practicing in Macao during the time of their birth.
  • Documentary proof that the candidate has been using the ID that is currently in use, particularly the date of filiation and date of birth (present originals) and could be presented to prove this:
    • Certificate of financial status (proof of financial inadequacy) of parents issued through Macao Institute of Social Action. Macao Institute of Social Action;
    • Social housing lease agreement in which the household was named;
    • Certificate of literary proficiency;
    • Professional cards to Chinese fishermen, etc.

Office Locations and Contacts

Directorate for Justice Services

AddressRua do Campo, No. 162,
Public Administration Building, 15th 20th floor Macau.
Telephone: 28564225,28595298
Fax: 28710445,28713109

Alameda Dr. Carlos D’Assumpcao, n.o 398,
Edf. CNAC 6th and 21st floors, Macau.
Telephone: 28750815
Fax: 28750814

Civil Registry Office
Rua do Campo, No. 162,
Public Administration Building, 1st and 2nd floors, Macau.
Telephone: 28550110

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China in the Macao Special Administrative Region
No. 992, Avenida do Dr. Rodrigo Rodrigues,
Macao SAR, PRC
Tel: (00853)87915106/87915126
Fax: (00853)87915102


  • Registration of birth (under 14 years old): The declaration may be signed by either the child’s parents, or by the guardian.
  • Registration for late-born births (over 14 years old): The request is submitted by the person who is interested or by any parent who are responsible for the registration of the person for whom the registrant is accountable or through proxy.


  • Application to register birth (under 14 years old): No fee
  • Registration for late birth (over 14 years old): 100 patacas cost, to complete the application. Birth registration is completely free.

Processing Time

Birth registration application (under 14 years old) The birth registration within 1 hour of receiving the application and all necessary documents.


Registration must be completed personally at the Civil Registry office.

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