How to Register Commercial and Passenger Yacht In Marshall Islands

Register Commercial and Passenger Yacht In Marshall Islands By Online

  1. Complete and fill out the MI-101Y form.
  2. The required documents must be submitted in the form below.
  3. Submit the application and the required documents to one Regional Office. regional offices.
  4. How to Register Commercial and Passenger Yacht In Marshall Islands
    How to Register Commercial and Passenger Yacht In Marshall Islands

Required Documents For Register Commercial and Passenger Yacht

  • Power of Attorney or Corporate Resolutions that include the power of Attorney. Rev. 11/15 66 MI-100
  • Prove of Ownership i.e. bill of Sale, Builders Certificate.
  • Declaration of Private Use Not for the hiring of.
  • Tonnage Measurement Certificate
  • Validation of suitability for intended Use
  • If classed, by a Certificate of Classification issued by an Classification Society recognized by the Administrator or
    • If not classed, it must be accompanied with the form of a Certificate of Survey, Statement of Compliance , or any other document signed by a recognised Classification Society surveyor, an AR or an underwriters assessor from the company providing insurance for the yacht.
  • The confirmation must be either that you have Hull and Machinery and P & I coverage or a Cover Note on an insurance policy that is combined that is issued by a reputable insurance company, in a format that is acceptable by the Administrator.
  • Evidence that the vessel is devoid of any liens or encumbrances.
  • If the yacht isn’t new and is registered in another country the country of origin must give consent to transfer the vessel over to RMI.
  • Registration and corporate costs for 1 (1) one year or 3 (3) years, at the discretion of the owner.
  • Tax payment for tonnage the period of the period of one (1) calendar year, or for the equivalent of three (3) year periods at discretion of the owner.

Office Locations and Contacts

The link below provides contact information for offices: Regional Offices


The Republic of Marshall Islands citizen or a national or qualified foreign maritime organization must be the owner of the vessel.


This link will provide fee related details : The Fee Schedule


The registration period is the duration of one (1) one year or 3 (3) years, renewable at the discretion by the proprietor.


  • Registration of commercial yachts is restricted to vessels of at least 24 meters that carry less than 12 passengers.
  • The term “passenger boat” refers to any vessel that is certified to hold more than 12 but no more than 36 people. The registration of passenger yachts are limited to those that are registered with a class certificate and an passenger ship or yacht notation.

The document is needed

Commercial and passenger yachts can be registered by the laws of RMI exactly in the same way as other vessels that trades. These are the rules for registering commercial and passenger yachts within the Marshall Islands.

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