How to Register Death In Belize

 Register Death In Belize By Online

  1. In order to register a death the Medical Practitioner must sign an official death certificate.
  2. In the event of a death, Private Medical Institutions will tell those who loved the deceased to submit an official death certificate and present it to the Statistical clerk in the closest Public Hospital for the registration of the death.
  3. The Ministry of Health will produce the Death Certificates and the Vital Statistics Unit will produce the other forms of death registration (Uncertified death registration and burial) to be handed over to the District Health Information Unit (DHIU). It is the District Health Information Unit will keep a sufficient stock to ease the registration process.
  4. There is no fee to be paid for the registration. Hospital Administration will ensure that the family members of the deceased person is not bound by any additional obligations associated with the death registration process.Any delay in the death registration past the one month period will be subject to an additional $5.00 cost.
  5. All death certificates issued must be filled out in triplicate. In private institutions, the original death certificate will be given to the family member and/or friend who died to officially register the death. the first and the second copy will be sent at the District Statistical Clerk.

If you’re not in Belize

You can use the contact information that is listed under “Office Locations & Contacts” section to make contact with the closest Embassy of Belize in the country in which you’re currently in. The consular services section of the Embassy can assist you to you with the process of registering your death within Belize.

Required Documents For Register Death 

  • Form for death notification that is completed

Office Locations and Contacts

Vital Statistics Unit
Belmopan Hospital, Belmopan City
New Road and Hydes Lane, Belize City
Tel: +(501)-223-5625/ 7405
Fax: +(501)-223-5635

Belize Consulates and embassies Abroad

How to Register Death In Belize
How to Register Death In Belize


There will be no charge for the registration of death in all hospitals , provided it’s done within one month of the death. Hospital Administration will ensure that the loved ones of the deceased are not required to meet any additional requirements in connection with this registration procedure.

Any delay in the death registration process beyond the one month time frame is subject to an additional $5.00 cost.


It is the duty of the health facility or the professional (Medical Physicians) who is certifying the death to ensure that, for every death, the death certificate is completed completely to aid in the process of registration for every Death prior to releasing the body. If a death occurs in a remote location, it’s up to the village leader (Alcalde Chairperson Police or Health Worker, Police Health Worker or Rural Health Nurses) to ensure that the loved ones or relatives of the deceased report their death at the closest Police Station or the Public Hospital to be examined.

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