How To Register Death In Germany

How To Register Death In Germany

If there is an incident of death in the home, a doctor must always be notified. The doctor will confirm the date and time of death and fill out the death certificate (Todesbescheinigung). If the death occurs in an hospital, the hospital will organize that the certificate of death be signed. Only in the event of suspicious circumstances, should the police be contacted.

Documents that are required Register Death

Hospital Confirmation that someone has passed away.

Office Locations and Contacts

Bavaria:Hauptstandesamt Mnchen
Ruppertstrasse 11
80337 Mnchen

Southwest Germany:
Standesamt Baden-Baden
Augustaplatz 1
76530 Baden-Baden

North Germany:
Hauptstandesamt Hamburg
Borgfelder Str. 64
20537 Hamburg

Standesamt I Berlin
Schnstedtstr. 5
1335 Berlin

What Are All The Eligibility

The family of the deceased perform this on their own, however, it can also be performed at the expense of the funeral service.


Be aware that the laws and procedures are different across the nation. This information is intended as a guideline for usual procedure.

The Information You Need

  • Names of deceased.
  • The name of your next of relatives.
  • Death as a result of.
  • Date When the event occurred.

Documentation is needed

The death has to be notifiable to your local registry office (Standesamt).




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