How to Register Design In Bermuda

 Register Design In Bermuda By Online

  1. Complete and submit an application form D to register online on the Bermuda government’s Bermuda web site siteor Download the form from by clicking this URL: form
  2. How to Register Design In Bermuda
    How to Register Design In Bermuda
  3. Complete the form in accordance with the following rules:
    • Name the 14 classes in which the design will be registered in.
    • Briefly describe the concept
    • Include three sketches that show the concept (photographs or tracings are acceptable) taken from various angles, and highlight all the original elements.
  4. Pay the fee for the application and attach the proof of payment with the application.
  5. Completely submit the application to the Registry General for verification and approval. Registry General for verification and approval.
  6. The Design will be given to an examiner who will determine whether the same, or similar design has been registered.
  7. If it is not, the design is registered with the Register of Designs, and an official certificate of registration will be issued.

Application through a proxy:

  • If you want to be represented by an agent, you need to fill out an application Form B. Form

Required Documents For Register Design In Bermuda 

  • Complete the application form D
  • An overview of the design
  • Three sets of drawings depicting the three sets of drawings of the (photographs and traced drawings are also accepted) at different angles , and highlighting the original elements
  • Proof of the payment
  • Complete the application form B

Office Locations and Contacts editOffice Locations & Contacts [ edit

Ministry of Home Affairs:
Department of Registry General
30 Parliament Street
Hamilton HM 12
(441) 297-7739
Email Address for Enquiry: link



  • The design that you intend to register has not been made public or divulged prior to the submission of the application for registration.
  • Who is eligible to be eligible to apply for the procedure? Anyone who is from the inside or outside of Bermuda Bermuda. Registry General will require an address in Bermuda to which all official correspondence will be delivered.


  • A fee of $180 for each class, payable in cash or by cash, cheque (payable at the account of the General Accountant), Government Revenue Stamps or credit/debit cards.


  • The registration period is for five years. It can be extended by 5 years and then for a total of five years to make a total period of fifteen years.

Documents to Use editDocuments to Use[ edit


Examples of Documents editthe document

Please include a copy of your filled out documents that can be of help to others.

Processing Time EditProcessing Time[ edit

Please explain processing time taken in obtaining the document/certificate.

Related Videos editRelated Videos[ edit

Videos that explain the process or filling out the forms. Include videos with the following tag: &video type='website'>video ID|width|heightand> from other websites. Remove the "&" from the tags before implementing. Website is the same as allocine, blip dailymotion facebook, gametrailers metacafe, googlevideo, html5 revver, myspace, sevenload, viddler Youku, YouTube width 560 pixels, height 340, and the ID for the video is It is available from the URL of the website where the video is shown. e.g In the following url '' Video ID is 'Y0US7oR_t3M'.



To register your design, it must:

  • Be the first to be invented
  • should not be considered offensive (e.g. contain graphic images or phrases)
  • Don’t use flags or emblems protected by law (egg or the Olympic rings and the Royal Crown)
  • This won’t be an invention nor how a product operates You’ll require an invention patent instead.

It is impossible to protect the function of a design, e.g. the chair that folds quicker than others similar to it.

Required Information editRequired Information[ edit

A list of the type of information that is needed to complete the process. e.g. 1. Date of birth. 2. the County, City or City of Birth.


Document is required editNeed for the Document [ edit

  • A registered design is proof to the design, and also prevents any other party from copying or copying the design

Information that could be helpful editInformation that could be helpful [ edit

  • Patent and Design Act 1930: Act

Other uses of the Document/Certificate[edit]

Please explain what are other uses of obtaining this document/certificate. e.g. Birth Certificates are used to prove identity.

External Links editExternal Links[ edit

Government of Bermuda: Government of Bermuda

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