How To Register Disability In Chile

How To Register Disability In Chile

  • Go to a COMPIN location close to you. They will be the person who certifies the disability . They will then send the details for registration to Civil Registry and Identification for registration.
  • For legal persons and natural persons offering services or operating in the field of disability, locate the registration form on the Civil Registry Website

Documents that are required Register Disability

Disability-related people

  • Affirmation of disabled through the COMPIN of your place of residence.

Natural person who offers support services or aid

  • The applicant must be 18 or older and be a residents of Chile The applicant must fill out the registration form that is available at the office in order to specify the type of service they offer, and attach these documents
  • A copy of your identity card, present your original card to an officer.
  • Certificates or documents proving the skills, experience and relevantness in the field of assistance or support.
  • Certificate of residency.

The background information will be scrutinized by the Service as well as it will be reviewed by the National Disability Service or other public agency with authority in the case, to determine whether or not a registration is required. If not the reason for the final decision of an applicant is disclosed to you.

Legal Entity working in the area of disability

Fill out the registration form online and attach all the required documents

  • The certified copies of the chartered or incorporation documents and any amendments to them in the event of any, as well as its RUT. person who is a legal entity.
  • Certificate of Validity, not more than sixty days on the anniversary of the submission.
  • Copy of the current representative power.
  • A copy of the identification ID card for the representative legal of this institution.
  • Copy of the identity card of the applicant of the registration-if not legal-representative, presenting the original to the officer of the Service.

The data submitted will be scrutinized by the Service as well as The National Disability Service or other appropriate public agency to determine whether or not a registration is required. If it is not relevant The basis for the final decision of applicants will be communicated to you.

Office Locations and Contacts

Registro Civil e Identification

Santiago, Chile

Call Number 600-370-22000 (can be reached from any location in the United States using cellular phones as well as landlines, with only the cost of the local call)

For calls coming from abroad: +56 2 26552101

Search for the Civil Registry Offices


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  • Certificate of registration for disability The amount is $540.
  • Duplicate log credential disability: $ 870

If you made your application online, please add $ 201 to use the Payment method Servipag.

The Document is required Register Disability

Chilean Law No. 20.422 sets out rules for equal opportunities and social integration of persons with disabilities. Article 17 stipulates: “Once the Commission of Preventive Medicine and Disability confirmed that the person has a disability, this data must be provided directly to Civil Registry and Identification, to be entered into the Register”.

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