How To Register Drivers Driver Resume In Chile

How To Register Drivers Driver Resume In Chile

  • Visit any office or branch of the Civil Registry.
  • Request the driver devida sheets.
  • Make sure to submit all required documents.

Documents that are required Register Drivers Driver Resume

  • Valid identity card
  • fee (payment to tax)

Office Locations and Contacts

  • Telephone Number 800 370 2000

To view Chilean Civil Registry and Identification location offices, go to this site: and click on the “Offices and Times” tab.


  • Elimination of entries 3310 dollars
  • Sheet driver’s lifetime – $1,050 (if you are using the Internet will need to include $ 201 to make making use of payment method Servipag)

Documentation is needed

The Registry for National Drivers of Motor Vehicles’ primary objective is to gather and keep track of the history of the drivers of these vehicles, and to report these details to the authorities in charge.

The main function of these are:

  • Join motor vehicle drivers across the nation, recording the personal details of their clients and then altering their personal information.
  • Record the last sentences so that the accused can be prosecuted is found guilty of serious crimes, breaches or serious torts as defined by law, regardless of whether or not they have a license to drive.
  • Record the sentences for the offense of driving impaired by alcohol or under the influence of psychotropic substances or narcotics.
  • Record convictions that result in suspension or cancellation or suspension of driver’s licence.
  • Inform the local police court about the circumstances that led to the suspension or cancellation of driver’s license for repeatedly breaking or violating this law.
  • Provide the required information to the courts as well as Chilean Police departments Municipal Traffic and Public Transportation.
  • Licenses for grant are granted to drivers who are registered.

CertifiedA record certificate is solely used for the purpose of obtaining or renewing a drivers license. It is a record of driver licenses issued by the applicant, as well as entries for violations of the Traffic Act and Criminal entries in the Handbook.

Driver Background Reports
They are required through The Municipal Traffic Department to grant an additional driver’s license. It includes information about driver licenses that the applicant has obtained and the entry of a violation of Traffic Law, suspension or cancellation of licenses and convictions for driving under the influence.

The driver resume
This is required by local authorities and local police courts, or by the person who is concerned for pension arrangements in cases of professional drivers or for other reasons. It contains information on the driver’s licenses that were obtained, violations of and touchdowns Traffic Law, suspensions or cancellations of licenses and other information that is listed within the National Driver Register.

This process can be completed in every Office of Civil Registry and Identification.

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