How to Register for an Adoption In Benin

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  1. The applicant has to submit an application in order to be suitable to be adopted by the Ministry of Family and Solidarity of Benin.
  2. If you’re eligible to adopt and there is a child who is available for adoption in another country the Ministry will give you a reference if you’re unable to find a child your own.
  3. The applicant will then file an adoption petition to Magistrates Court. Magistrates Court.
  4. it is the Magistrates Court chooses a social worker as the potential adoptive child’s guardian
  5. The guardian studies the child’s social history and observes the family that is a potential adoptive for a specific time and then sends the Court Social Report (home study) to the High Court.
  6. After receiving the report after receiving the report, after receiving the report, High Court rules on whether or not the adoption will be approved.

Documents that are required Register for an Adoption In Benin

  • Identification and Nationality of the adoptive parents.
  • A completed home study as well as Benin Court Social Report;
  • The evidence that the child is eligible for adoption.
  • Consent of all persons who is the birth parent or the legal guardian of, custody of, or is likely to be a contributor to the care of the child who is a candidate for adoption;
  • Proof of residency status of residency Benin .

Office Locations and Contacts


Ministry of Family and Solidarity

Direction de la Famille de l’Enfanceet de l’Adolescence (D.F.E.A.)

Address: 01 B.P. 2802 Cotonou, Bnin

Tel: (229) 21 31 67 07 / 21 31 67 08 / 21 30 03 33

Fax: (229) 21 31 64 62

Email: /


  • Parents who are considering a home study that was approved by the provincial Ministry.
  • Adoptive parents have to be couples who have had a five-year marriage, or the child’s spouse who is biologically parent or an unmarried individual who is at or above 35 years of age and is 15 more years old than their child adopted by the parents.


The adoption process is priced approximately U.S. $350 and $500. .


Processing Time

It takes between 2 and 6-months to finish the process of adoption.


  1. Adoptions made according to the provisions of the articles 363ff and 363ff of Civil Code.
  2. Parents who are adoptive parents in singles must be at least 35 years old.
  3. The prospective adoptive parent(s) have to be at least fifteen years younger than the child to whom they are attempting to adopt or ten years younger when it’s the spouse’s child.
  4. Adoptive parent(s) are not allowed to have biological children unless they are authorized by law when the application for adoption is made.
  5. Because Benin is not a central authority for adoption and adoptions are administered jointly by the Ministry of Solidarity and Family as well as the Ministry of Justice (the courts).
  6. The majority of prospective adoptive parents employ an attorney Beninese attorney to aid them with the adoption process. This is since an attorney is required to sign all the adoption documents in the presence of the courts.
  7. Potential adoptive parent(s) usually find children for adoption through local orphanages, churches hospitals, missions, or churches.
  8. The child should be able to be adopted as per Benin government regulations.

Requirements Information

  1. Name of child/adoptive parents
  2. Date/place of birth of adoptive or child parents
  3. Contacts with adoptive parents
  4. Address of the adoptive parents
  5. Nationality of parents who adopted
  6. The financial capacity of adoptive parents
  7. Behavior of adoptive parents

The Document is required

The process of registering for adoption to Benin is an official procedure which grants permanent parental rights for adoptive parents. Adoptive parents are legally permitted to bring the child to the family home to be a permanent member of their family. The process of adopting in Benin is managed by the Ministry of Family and Solidarity

Information that could be helpful

Benin offers priority to adoptions within the country.

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How to Register for an Adoption  In Benin
How to Register for an Adoption In Benin

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