How to Register for an Adoption In Malawi

Register for an Adoption In Malawi By Online

  1. The applicant has to submit an application for being suitable to be adopted by the Ministry of Gender, Child and Community Development of Malawi.
  2. If you’re eligible to adopt and you have a child available for adoption in other countries The Ministry of Gender, Child and Community Development will be able to offer a child referral if you’re unable to locate a child on your own.
  3. Potential adoptive parent(s) typically find children for adoption through local orphanages, churches hospitals, or missions.
  4. The child must be able to be adopted, as per Malawi’s specifications. The applicant will then file an application for adoption with Magistrates Court.
  5. It is the Magistrates Court chooses a social worker to serve as the guardian of the child who is to become an adoptive Ad in litem. The guardian ad litem studies the prospective child’s social background and supervises the family of potential adoptive parents for a certain period of time following which the guardian ad-litem is required to submit an Court Social Report (home study) to the High Court.
  6. When the report is received After receiving the report, after receiving the report, High Court rules on whether the adoption is able to be approved.

Required Documents For Register for an Adoption

  1. Identification and Nationality of the adoptive parents.
  2. A home study that is completed and Malawi Court Social Report;
  3. Evidence that the child is eligible to be adopted.
  4. Consent of all persons who is the parent of the child who was born or is the legal guardian of, or who has custody of, or is likely to be a contributor to the care of the potential adoptive child;
  5. Proof of residency status from Malawi .

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Gender, Children and Community Development,

Gemini House, City Centre,

Private Bag 330, Lilongwe 3, Malawi.

Telephone: +265 1 770 411 / 736

Fax: +265 1 770 826 / 774 105



Adoptive parents must be at minimum 25 years old, and at least 21 years younger that the kid.


The adoption process is priced between 60,000 to 85,000. Malawi Kwacha (MK) (MK) or U.S. between $350 and $500.

Processing Time

It can take between 2 and 6 months to finish the adoption process.


  1. The most important step in adopting an infant in Malawi is to consider whether or not you want to utilize an approved adoption service located in the United States that can help you in your adoption.
  2. There is no agency for adoption in Malawi. The majority of prospective adoptive parents employ an attorney from a Malawian attorney to aid them through the adoption process, and also since an attorney is required to sign all the adoption documents for the courts.
  3. For more information about home studies prospective adoptive parents from Malawi must be in contact with Malawi’s Ministry of Gender, Child and Community Development.
  4. If you want to adopt a child from Malawi you must meet the specifications for Malawi’s Government of Malawi

Requirements Information

  1. Name of child/adoptive parents
  2. Birth date and place of adoptive or child parents
  3. Contacts with adoptive parents
  4. Address of the adoptive parents
  5. The nationality of the adoptive parents
  6. Adoptive parents’ financial capacity
  7. the behavior of adoptive parents

The Document is required

The process of registering for adoption to Malawi can be a legally-enforceable procedure that grants parental rights for life to parents who adopt. The parents who adopt can legally take an infant to the home of their choice as a family member for life. The process of adoption in Malawi is managed through the Ministry of Gender, Child and Community Development of Malawi.

Information that could be helpful

  • An adoption order cannot be granted in any situation in which one of the applicants is male, and the child female, unless the court is satisfied that there are unique circumstances which warrant the exemption.
  • An adoption order cannot be granted to applicants who are not a resident of Malawi or in the case of any child who isn’t a Malawian resident.
  • It is the norm that, before one can be considered for adoption of a baby they must first provide foster care to of the baby for a duration that is not more than 18-months.

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