How To Register for Unemployment Payment In Albania

How To Register for Unemployment Payment In Albania

  1. To sign up to use the unemployment pay service applicants must contact for the National Employment Office. National Employment Office locations are shown below, in the following links.
  2. The applications that are submitted will be reviewed by the appropriate authorities.
  3. If the test is successful, all the data will be given to the section for calculation of payments where the monthly amount due can be calculated.
  4. Then applicants will then be referred to for further consideration.
National Employment Service
Address : Bulevardi B. Curri, Pran ish Hotel Arbana
Telephone : +355 44528360 1/2/3
E-mail :
More office locations and contact details : Office Locations (In Albanian)

Documents Required Unemployment Payment

  • Workbook
  • Personal birth certificate with photo (photocopy of identity card)
  • The certificate of family status
  • A tax office certificate from the branch, indicating that the tax office branch is not a subject registered under this authority.
  • A certificate of attendance at school by children younger than 18 years of age.
  • The certificate of attendance to the university, for children ranging from 25 to the age of 25.
  • A certificate from the Medical Committee for Assessing the Inability to Work (KMCAP) for declaring inability to work, for dependent persons.
  • The Social Security authorities, which states that one spouse is not a beneficiary of the full pension.
  • Certificate from the Cadastre if the individual owns land.

Office Locations and Contacts

National Employment ServiceAddress : Bulevardi B. Curri, Pran ish Hotel Arbana
Phone : +355 4 4528360 1/3/3
E-mail :
Contacts and office locations : Office Locations (In Albanian)




Benefits of unemployment benefits is 12 months in the first instance and 10 months after the second, and 8 months. to the end of the 3.

The Document is required Unemployment Payment

This document provides details about how you can apply for benefits of payment for an those who are not employed in Albania.

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