How to Register Marriage to a Foreign Citizen In Belarus

Register Marriage to a Foreign Citizen In Belarus By Online

  • Marriages are recorded publicly in an event in the presence of at least two witnesses of the age (if they are requested by the person who is marrying). The couples request an office for civil registers to conduct the an appropriate ceremony to mark the registry of wedding.
  • If both parties to the marriage are not present during the registration or it is not possible or is extremely difficult (remoteness of being able to live away from each other, serious illnesses, military service, etc.) at the time of submitting the application to register wedding, the marriage application, which is signed by both parties to the marriage is able to be filed by both applicants. In this situation, an official of the office of registration of marriages or an person in charge of the local administrative body must certify the signatures of the person who is absent on the joint declaration and seal it.
  • If the people who will be marrying do not show up to register the marriage within a certain date, the time for registration of a marriage can be delayed at their request and the specific marking is placed on the form for registration of weddings and on an application book that lists registration.
  • If the couple has not been present to register an engagement within the time period of three months after the date of filing the request, and are not been informed of the reasons for their denial, then the application is ineligible.

Required Documents For Register Marriage to a Foreign Citizen 

  • For foreigners with a permanent residence of a certain Republic of Belarus:
    • request for the ceremony of marriage
    • Valid foreign passport
    • residence permit issued by Belarus Republic of Belarus
  • Foreign citizens with an unpermanent residence in Belarus: Republic of Belarus:
    • Valid foreign passport or other identity document that is registered with the law enforcement body that is part of Belarus. Republic of Belarus. The passport issued by the foreign state (the document that identifies the person) must be presented by the citizen of another country and translated into the national language (Russian, Belarusian), the accuracy of which is confirmed by the consulate (embassy) or embassy of the country of citizenship for this particular person (of which country is of residence for the person not having citizenship) or by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or any other competent body of the state, or at the Notary.
    • document issued by the state institution (consulate) or state body (embassy) in the country of nationality, that states that the person who is the foreign national is not married to an individual. This document can be prepared in the state’s language or a it can be translated into a different language. be used. The accuracy of the translation must be confirmed at the level of the consulate (embassy) of the state in which the person is a citizen (of the state of residence for the individual who does not have citizenship) or through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or by another body competent of the state, or through the notary.
  • If you are already married should bring the civil registry office the certificate of termination of the marriage. For citizens of Belarus, the Republic of Belarus who have dissolved a marriage outside of Belarus as well as to citizens of other countries and foreign citizens, the document could be a court ruling regarding divorce, the declaration upon the death of the spouse , or another document confirming the ending of a previous marriage issued by the relevant authority and legally recognized unless international conventions establish a different procedure.

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus
Address: ul.Lenina, 19, Minsk 220030, Republic of Belarus
Tel. (00375 17) 327 29 22
Fax (00375 17) 402 42 50, 32745 21


You can get married if you are at minimum 18 years old. The requirement for age may be reduced by civil registry offices not more than three years under the following situations including baby birth, pregnancy and the emancipation.

Processing Time

The time required to take to process an application for registration is different and can’t be later than 15 days following the submission of an the application to register marriage at the office of civil registration.

In the event of reasonable circumstances, this time period can be extended or decreased by up to three months from the date that the application is accepted to register the marriage.


When your marriage is officially registered at the office of the civil registry in Belarus Republic of Belarus will have determine what permits that you must have obtained from the citizenship status that of your foreign partner. If a permit is required to record an international marriage and a citizen of another country is not granted such a permit this office of civil registration will make clear the prospective applicants, before going to the citizens of the Republic of Belarus that their marriage could be declared null and void when they are citizens of the state of the foreign national. If the couple insists on the marriage being registered the wedding will be registered and a specific sign will be added to the marriage records to indicate that the couple has been familiar with the process for registering weddings with foreigners to be done in accordance with the laws in the country of residence for a foreign national.

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How to Register Marriage to a Foreign Citizen  In Belarus
How to Register Marriage to a Foreign Citizen In Belarus

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