How to Register to Vote In Bermuda

Register to Vote In Bermuda By Online

  1. To become a registered voter, or to register for changing your registration information, you will need to fill out these forms online
    1. Formula I to be filled out by those who have not registered
    2. Form 2 – to be filled out by persons who are changing their registration details
    3. How to Register to Vote In Bermuda
      How to Register to Vote In Bermuda
  2. Make sure you have checked all the information you’ve filled in before you submit the form.
  3. Check the registration lists available at all post offices and police stations, as well as the library, and Parliamentary Registry to see if your name is on the list that is officially published of voters registered. You may also check if you are registered as a voter online through

Required Documents For Register to Vote

  • A completed registration form
  • Anyone who was who were born outside of Bermuda must submit a copy of their birth certificate as well as an original photocopy of their Bermuda Status certificate or a letter of confirmation of Bermuda Statutory Status issued by Bermuda’s Department of Immigration.

Office Locations and Contacts

Bermuda Elections
3rd Floor 3rd floor Craig Appin Building,
No. 8. Wesley Street,
Hamilton, HM11

Phone:441 293-8683
Fax:441 292-0207

Address for mail:
P.O. Box Hamilton HMPX HM 3272



You can be a registered voter If you’re Bermudian and are 18 years of over, or a not a Bermudian Commonwealth citizen who registered to vote by 1st May , 1976.

Documents to Utilize

Online Formularies:


Registration is conducted all through the year. If you move to a new district and change the name of your constituent, you need to make the change official with the Parliamentary Register within the 28 days of the date you changed.

Need to have the Document

It is essential that voters are registered so that a list of registered voters is prepared prior to elections to identify the numbers of registered voters. This is to ensure that each person who is eligible to vote is eligible to vote.

Information that can be useful

Election Day

On the day of an election, every voter has to show identification in order to be able to cast a vote. Valid forms of identification include commonwealth passports, Bermuda driver’s license and an Individual Persons Card, Voters Identification Card, or employee identification card that has the signature, photo and birth date.

Other uses for the document/certificate

Every voter must be registered within the district within which they reside for them to be eligible to vote.

External Links

  • Bermuda Elections


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