How To Register Trademark In Australia

How To Register Trademark In Australia

  1. When you begin your application, you need to give an overview of the product or services you plan to put your trademark on. The products and services you want to mark need to be classified as belonging to any of several classes.
  2. It is recommended that you conduct a thorough lookup first to ensure there aren’t any similar trade marks that are pending or registered. A IP professional might be able to assist you with additional assistance and suggestions. You can use to search for your trademark using the Australian Trade Mark On-line Search System Link. Links.
  3. Once you’ve filed your trademark application dependent on the level of complexity of the work involved the examiners for trade marks in IP Australia can take up to three or four months to review your application.
  4. After your application has been reviewed and approved for registration you have to pay the due fees within six months or else your application will be cancelled.
  5. If you get a recommendation from the examiners who say they require more information to move forward with your application you should address these concerns within 15 months from the time the examiners report being provided to you.

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What Are All The Eligibility

The trademark you use (or your name) is your business”identity.

You may choose to register as a trade mark your logo for your business or a song you employ in an advertisement, or your company’s name painted on the outside of your vehicle or on your packaging or signage.

A trade mark could also refer to:

  • Word (in a simple font or fancy font)
  • The phrase
  • Letter
  • Number
  • Logo
  • image
  • Aspect of packaging
  • or any combination or combination.
  • Other kinds of trade trademarks
    How To Register Trademark In Australia
    How To Register Trademark In Australia


A trademark registration is valid for a period of ten years starting after the date of filing.

The registration can be renewed up to 12 months prior to the date when renewal date or up to six months following. You’ll have to pay additional fees if you choose to renew later than the due date.

Processing Time

When you submit your trademark application, it could require IP Australia up to four months to look over it and let you know the result.


Before you submit your application for the process, you should be familiar with the various kinds of protection for intellectual property like designs and trade marks, that are two distinct concepts. Many people think that a trademark cannot be more than an emblem. It’s not true. Trademarks are symbol that may comprise words, phrases motion, sound images, smells or a mix with these components.

The Document is required Register Trademark

A trademark can be a letter, a number or word, phrase or sound, smell or shape, logo image, movement, aspect that is part of packaging any combination of these. A distinctive trade mark differentiates your company from other traders. Trade marks are distinct from the name of the business the company’s name, company’s name domain name, company name, or the design. This guideline provides information on how to register trademarks.

Information that could be helpful

A trademark and designs are two different things. IP rights for a design are different from a trade mark. (IP) rights to designs differ from the rights to trade marks.

The key differences are:

  • A design has to be distinctive or unique for it to be registered, whereas a trade mark is not.
  • The term “design” refers to the new features of shape, arrangement and pattern. It is also the name given to ornamentation or patterns on an item.
  • A trademark is a part than just a branding package. It could be as simple as a word, a combination of words, with a graphic or any other combination of business marks.

Other uses for the document/certificate

Only trademarks that are registered can bear the symbol. When your trademark is registered, putting the symbol right alongside your brand’s name will alert others to be respectful of your trademark. Utilizing a trade mark of another (whether it’s trademarked or not) in the name of yours is prohibited by law.

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