How To Register your Vehicle (Car) In China

How To Register your Vehicle (Car) In China

Handling procedures:

  • the owner’s residence vehicle management to submit an application for registration.
  • every motor vehicle must go through the all motor vehicles to a motor vehicle inspection agencies for safety of motor vehicles as well as technical inspection. The agency submitted an application to register after having passed the an inspection of safety for motor vehicles. However, imports must be approved by Customs and State Council department for motor vehicle safety are not allowed. Customs and the State Council department responsible for motor vehicle products, with the exception of motor vehicles with safety certificates and technical inspection of motor vehicle are exempted.
  • Inspection of technical and safety of motor vehicles that are exempt from the following situations, should be conducted in a manner that is safe:
    • It is not possible to apply for the registration of a factory-made vehicle within two years.
    • the importation of motor vehicles through customs imports is not allowed within two years of the registration date;
    • the registration application for traffic accidents took place prior to the registration.
  • More than the application documents provided by the owner of the vehicle
  • Vehicle management has verified the vehicle, verify the number of the vehicle’s identification the rubbing film was able to read provided documents from the motor vehicle registration certificate plate, driving permit, and inspection marks.
  • Vehicle management and handling trailer semitrailer tractor semitrailer if registration is issued on the tractor and trailer registration certificates for motor vehicles plate, driving license and registration certificate.

Documents that are required Register your Vehicle (Car)

  • Identity (a) owner of a motor vehicle to prove
  • Documentation of purchase invoices and other motor vehicle origins;
  • The vehicle or the factory compliance certificate of motor vehicles imported from the United States. certification;
  • The payment for the purchase tax on a vehicle or exemption certificate
  • Certificate of compulsory liability for traffic accidents. certificate
  • Other evidence (six) statutes and rules of administration must be presented during the process of registration and the proof. It is not part of the customs importation of motor vehicle or motor vehicle excluded of the State Council department in charge of technical and safety control of motor vehicle should be submitted with a certified security inspection of motor vehicles.

Office Locations and Contacts

Shanghai Port Authority and Municipal TransportAddress 100 Dagu Rd (Office hour: 9am-11:30am and 11:30-4:30pm Monday through Friday)
Telephone: 23111111

What Are All The Eligibility

The following conditions cannot be considered to be a reason for registration:

  • provide evidence of all motor vehicles or certificates of invalidity;
  • the motor vehicle that has been modified to show the the owner of the motor vehicle with evidence of documentation that proves the identity of the owner is not consistent;
  • Evidence (c) provide every motor vehicle, motor certificates inconsistency;
  • A motor vehicle that is not subject to the authorization granted by an authorized State Council department in charge of motor vehicle components manufactured or imported without the permission of the appropriate authorities of the nation of import motor vehicles;
  • For technical information (five) along with vehicle information that are part of The State Council department in charge of announcements of motor vehicle products that are inconsistency
  • Model (six) motor vehicles, engine number or vehicle identification number or any other technical information does not conform to the standards of technical national security.
    • when the vehicle is at the mandatory retirement date of the state standards;
    • the vehicle is People’s Court, People’s Procuratorate and the administrative law enforcement agencies that have been seized or held;
    • the theft of a motor vehicle that is

Other circumstances are not in accordance with the administrative and legal requirements

Processing Time

Within 2 days of the date of reception of the application within 2 days of receiving the


The process of registering vehicles is carried out according to:

  • “the People’s Republic of China on Road Traffic Safety Law” (People’s Republic of China Presidential Decree no. 8)
  • the “People’s China Republic in Road Traffic Safety Law and Implementing Regulations” (State Council Decree No. 405)
  • “motor registration requirements for vehicles” (Ministry of Public Order, no. 102)

Requirements Information

  • Name
  • Types of Identification
  • Identification Number
  • Gender
  • Date of Birth
  • Official language of preference for license
  • Email address
  • Contact phone number
  • Facsimile number
  • Address for mailing
  • Residence address

Documentation is needed

The People’s Republic of China issues plates for vehicles at the Vehicle Management Offices under the supervision by the Ministry of Public Security.

Information that can be useful

Handling units:

The principal office location of the municipal vehicle owner, or the owner of a temporary unit or household city split in districts or equivalent of the same grade of the public security traffic management department of vehicle management, or the county public safety traffic management department of the vehicle management.

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How To Register your Vehicle (Car) In China
How To Register your Vehicle (Car) In China

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