How to Registration of Beninese Abroad In Benin

 Registration of Beninese Abroad In Benin By Online

  1. Contact the closest Benin consulate or embassy either in person or via phone and ask for the Consular Officer and make the request to register your status in the foreign country.
  2. You must send an email or fax of your address and contact details in the host country, as well as the specifics of the ‘person to call in case of emergencies’. If you’re registering through a phone.
  3. If you’re registering in person, you are required to provide the necessary details at the embassy, and this information will be recorded into the database of their system.
  4. Some embassy’s offer an online registration, go to the Benin Embassy website of the country you are staying in and sign up if it is available.

Required Documents For Registration of Beninese Abroad

  • Identification document

Office Locations and Contacts

Benin Embassy and consulate: Link

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  • All Benin citizens who live overseas


  • There are no fees associated with the service


  • The registration is valid for until you remain in the specific foreign country

Processing Time

  • As soon as you have received your request from the consulate or embassy

Requirements Information

  • Name of the person who is applying
  • Birth date, gender, year of birth, etc. of the applicant
  • Residence address in a foreign country
  • Email address or postal address
  • Number for phone
  • Occupation
  • Stay duration
  • Emergency contact numbers in Benin

The Document is required

  • It is recommended to everyone Beninese traveling abroad, whether for a short or long-term basis, sign up with the closest Benin Mission abroad. This is crucial in the event an emergency, you will receive notifications about events and announcements. If you want to apply for extension consular services.

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