How To Registration of Hotel Establishment In Angola

How To Registration of Hotel Establishment In Angola

Apply in-person By Yourself:

  1. Get the application form at the National Directorate for Qualification of Infrastructure and Tourism Products and complete it according to.
  2. Make sure you have all the necessary documents listed in the below required documents and join them on the application form.
  3. The officer in charge will receive the application and check whether you have all the required documents for the application. If so, you will be issued the summary statement of your invoice based on the information you submitted.
  4. Visit the bank to pay the fees recommended and get the evidence of payment and duplicates of your bank slip.
  5. Go to the service desk and provide the evidence for payment (bank slip)
  6. They will manage the process conformity with the law, and after obtaining successful results, they’ll issue a registration certification

Documents Required Registration of Hotel Establishment

  • Map of the Land Location
  • Revenue Collection Document (DAR)
  • Updated Taxpayer Card
  • Statistics Record Certificate
  • Identification of Partners
  • Criminal record
  • A Public Deed, or a Certificate of Conservatory
  • Memory that is descriptive and justificative
  • Industrial taxes
  • 1.00 scale or 1.50 scale cuts
  • The scale is raised up to 1.10 scale or 1.50 scale

Office Locations and Contacts

National Directorate for Qualification of Infrastructure and Tourism Products:Address: RUA DO MAT, COMPLEXO ADMINSTRATIVO CLASSICOS DO TALATONA
Office hours: Monday through Thursday from 8:00 am until 3:00 pm on Fridays, and from 8 am to 3:00 pm.

What Are All The Eligibility

  • Citizens and Residents who would like to be employed in the hotel sector


  • Contact the appropriate authority to inquire about fees and bank information.

The Information You Need

  • Name
  • Contact details
  • Place of Establishment

The Document is required Registration of Hotel Establishment

  • This document is necessary for opening a hotel in Angola

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