How to Registration of Marriage Registered in Foreign Country In Malaysia

Registration of Marriage Registered in Foreign Country In Malaysia By Online

  • Find the appropriate authority near you personally.
  • Complete the application form by providing all the information needed.
  • Send the required documents.
  • Pay the prescribed amount.

Required Documents For Registration of Marriage Registered in Foreign Country

  • If the application was submitted by:
    • Malaysian Representative Office in the world:
      • Malaysian passports to Malaysian
      • Identification document for foreign citizen
    • NRD office:
      • MyKad
      • Original passports for Malaysian and foreigners, including photocopies of the pages that contain personal information, the most recent date of arrival in Malaysia and the dates of departure and arriving in the destination country in which the marriage ceremony was registered.
  • 1 colour passport-sized photograph per applicant
  • Original and duplicate of these documents along with translation by a certified translator in Malay Language or English:
    • Foreign marriage certificate
    • Certificate of marriage for India, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Nigeria, Sri Lanka or any other country, if needed, must be:
      • attested by or by the Malaysian representative in the country of origin. or the consulate of the applicant in Malaysia and
      • Re-certified through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Wisma Putra) in Putrajaya, Kuching or Kota Kinabalu
    • Birth Certificates for non-citizens
    • Decree nisi absolute (divorce certificate), if applicable
    • Death certificate of spouse who died before If appropriate
    • The letter is from Myanmar’s Myanmar government to verify the validity of Myanmar’s marriage certificate.
    • A confirmation letter stating that the applicant isn’t an Muslim from the government of the country in question (i.e. Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Algeria, Pakistan, Bangladesh or any other Muslim countries or any other country, if needed)

Office Locations and Contacts

National Registration Department Malaysia
Ministry of Home Affairs
No.20 Precinct 2, Precinct 2.
Federal Government Administrative Centre
62551 Federal Territory of Putrajaya
Telephone (1MOCC) 03-8000 0800
Fax 03-8880-8288
Below is an external link to the following
NRD Branch
Director’s information for State’s director
Headquarters Management


  • Non-Muslims Malaysian who were married in accordance with rules of foreign nation
  • The re-registration process is not applicable to the non-citizen granted Malaysian citizenship status following the marriage ceremony was legally registered according to rules of law in a different country.

Documents to Utilize

Application Formula JPN.KC06


A marriage that is registered under the laws of a foreign nation has to be renewed in the Malaysian Representative Office within 6 months from the date of the marriage. If the couple arrives in Malaysia within the six months from the date when wedding was recorded under laws of a different country, the calculation of 6 months will begin at the date of arrival in Malaysia as stated by the travel document. Re-registration after six months will be subject to a penalty.

Section 35 of the Act Act 164
A person who, despite being required by section 31 to be in front of a Registrar fails to appear before a Registrar within the stipulated time will be subject to prison for a period not exceeding one year , or to a fine of not more than one thousand ringgit, or both.

The Document is required

This page provides information on how to renew the marriage of a foreign national in Malaysia.



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