How To Registration of Property/Land In Austria

How To Registration of Property/Land In Austria

  1. Make the application in writing, along with the documents required to be submitted to the district court in charge (Bezirksgericht). Beginning November 1st 2012, land registry applications are able to be made orally before the court in simple circumstances (applications of cancellation, also known as Lschungsantrge requests for changing names [Antrge um NamensnderungenSimple transfer of properties).
  2. It is strongly recommended to seek out the advice of a notary public or lawyer when applying for the constitution of a property right is susceptible to errors due to the stringent formal regulations of the land register legislation , and the chance of a correction or decline.

Documents that are required Registration of Property/Land

  • Purchase agreement that has both the signatures and seals of each parties to the contract signed by a judge or notary
  • Freehold flats (if the property is planned to be registered)sometimes needed:
    • The building authority’s statement or an expert’s report about the availability of freehold independent flat units
    • Report on the value of the report of the useful value by an engineer from the civil engineering field an expert in sworn court or the legally valid ruling on the determination of the value by the settlement authority or district court (Bezirksgericht(in Vienna: Municipal Department 50) (in Vienna: Municipal Department 50 [Magistratsabteilung 50in Vienna: Municipal Department 50 [Magistratsabteilung)
  • A possible order for the planned removal or Pawn
  • Statement of calculation in-house or confirmation that there are no outstanding delinquencies by the Inland Revenue Office [Finanzamt]
  • A possible statement of cancellation or agreement with pre-emptors, financing banks, or other parties
  • Potentially, approval from the responsible office to purchase real estate, also known as the Greenverkersbehrde (Please be aware that there exist nine lawful real estate statutes in total, which means there are distinct laws for each province pertaining to foreign ownership property, agricultural and forest properties, or pre-emptive municipals)
  • Proof of citizenship [Staatsbrgerschaftsnachweis], proof of citizenship of the EU [Nachweis der EU Staatsangehrigkeit]

Office Locations and Contacts

District Court

Federal Ministry of Justice

Contact Numbers: 01/52636 or a local phone number 0800-9999-99 in

Time from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

Email Inquiry Form:


Registration on the register of land 40 Euro

  • (to be deposited into the court account using an ATM card or credit card electronic debit)

The application cost isn’t electronically paid: 56 Euro

Additional charges

  • To obtain permission to build: 1.1 percent of the property’s value. This registration fee is assessed to the courts [Bezirksgericht] with the future and is payable through a payment form. When the registration fee is paid via Direct debiting, also known as Abbuchung as well as the redemption process [Einziehung] the amount is decreased by 20 euros.
  • Additional charge of 1.2 percentage of mortgage amount in the event that a lien right is also registered on the land registry along together with property (e.g. when the purchase is funded by loans). The registration fee can also be charged to the court of district [Bezirksgericht] with retrospect and can be paid through a payment form.


The person responsible for the proper location for the building is called District Court. District Court.

To be able to register your property, you’ll need to submit the following details:

  • The exact definition of the property
  • The applicant’s name, first and last and
  • Family status and the place of residence

Need to have the Document

Registration of a Land or Property is essential as it allows you to obtain property rights, which allows you to make transactions with the property or to prevent the unlawful disposal of the property. This is accomplished through filing an application with the appropriate land register court [Bezirksgericht].

Information that can be useful

Value of the rights to registry of rights to property as well as legal construction is determined by value that is typically received in the normal the business (equals market value) . This is done by purchasing contracts. which are typically the price for purchase. This is applicable to:

  • Family transactions include transfers of property to spouse or spouse or registered partner, registered partner, the partner or the spouse, provided the spouses or domestic partners have , or have had in nieces, siblings and nephews, a common home. and
  • Certain corporate transactions that alter corporate structures, such as the transfer of property as a result of the merger.

In these cases the registration fee must be determined by at minimum triple the value of assessment but not exceeding one-third of market value.

The value of the right to entry into the purchase of a lien is defined by the nominal value of claim (maximum) which includes ancillary fees freezing.

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