How To Renew a Business License In American Samoa

How To Renew a Business License In American Samoa

  1. Complete and submit an application to renew your the business license. With the renewal application, you must submit an affidavit, subject to penalties for perjury that you continue to meet all the requirements and qualifications set forth by law , regulations and rules that have been certified by the appropriate department of the government when you submitted the application to obtain your initial license.
  2. The renewing licensee will not require approval from the government, or any department or agency of it concerning applying the zoning law in the Territory of American Samoa to the business premises of the licensee as long as the licensed establishment is situated on the same premises the premises it was situated on the date of issue of the prior license.
  3. Pay the fee for license.

Documents Required Renew a Business License

  • Application form completed

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Office Locations and Contacts

Department of CommerceAmerican Samoa Government
A.P. Lutali Executive Office Building
Utulei, American Samoa 96799
Phone: 1 (684) 633-5155
Fax: 1 (684) 633-4195
Hours of Operation
Monday to Friday
From 7:30 AM until 4:00 PM

What Are All The Eligibility

Business refers to any act or omission (whether proprietary corporate, partnership or any other type) that is engaged or caused to be to be engaged in, in pursuit of earning or gaining economic gain directly or indirectly however, it does not include informal sales or personal service agreements.


A year-long business licence fee:

  • Alcoholic beverage establishments:
    • beer tavern: $50
    • License for alcoholic beverages 75
  • Stores for retail: Per location of business 25
  • Stores for wholesale: Per address 25
  • Hall for pool and Billiards Table 25
  • Public dance hall 50
  • Cinema theater: 50 tickets per theater.
  • Auctioneer: per auction sale 6.50
  • Beer importer: 25
  • Beer vendor: 25
  • Importer of alcoholic beverages 11,000
  • Alcoholic beverage vendor: 1,000
  • Garage repair shop and/or repair shop 25
  • Service station 25
  • All other professional, business, or agency activities 25

If you do not renew your business license by the due deadline will force you to pay a fee that is $2 per day that you are in delinquency. The penalty is a as part of your renewal cost.


All licenses and any applicable endorsements can be granted on a year-long basis, regardless of the date they were they are issued. They expire at the 31st day of December in the year in which they were issued or renewed.

You may start renewing your license 3 months before your current license expires.

License is not transferable The license is granted to the individual or individuals who submit the application. It can’t be transferred to another person , except for the surrender of a tenancy or the default on a mortgage if the original contract stipulates that the license will be secured by the obligation or obligation, in which case the Governor will be promptly informed about any loss. Licenses that are contingent on the meeting of any of the qualifications or requirements for the place in which the licensee is conducting his trade, business, or profession cannot be transferred to a different location without a written request to and the written approval of the Governor.


Your Business License

All licenses and any applicable endorsements will be issued according to a year-long basis, regardless of when they were issued. They expire at 31 December of the year in which they were granted or renewed.

You may start renewing your license 3 months before your current license expires.

Inability to Renew

In the event that you fail to renew your business’s license on date will mean that you must pay a fee that is $2 per day during the period for which you are late. The penalty will be a part of your renewal fee. Licensees who fail to renew his license before the 30th of January is forced to stop the operation until the renewal of his license or is the subject of an injunction issued from the High Court of American Samoa and also to criminal prosecution pursuant to 27.0219.

The Information You Need

  • Name of company;
  • kind of business to be conducted
  • Type of business organization
  • names of residences, ages, and names of the principals who are involved in the company;
  • the location of the location of business;
  • other information that is required from any other information required by the Governor or Commission.

Documentation is needed

The Government of the Territory of American Samoa issues business licenses to regulate and control the conduct of business within the Territory and to protect the health, well-being and safety of the inhabitants in American Samoa.

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How To Renew a Business License In American Samoa
How To Renew a Business License In American Samoa


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