How to Renew Disabled Card In United Arab Emirates

Renew Disabled Card In United Arab Emirates By Online

  1. Renew a Disability Card by visiting the Ministry Of Community Development – Disability Care and Rehabilitation office.
  2. The request is acknowledged by front desk personnel who verify the authenticity of the data supplied, in case the data provided are incomplete, the application is rejected.
  3. The Diagnosis Committee will study the medical report.
  4. After verifying the authenticity of the information supplied after which the card will be given to the person who submitted the application


  1. You can also apply on the MOCD website, or through the smart service portal. Link
  2. It will send you an SMS or email confirmation (in the case of an account already in existence) and then status change updates.

Required Document For Renew Disabled Card

  • Copy of passport – copy of family book-copy of the national ID card issued by the emirates for UAE citizens
  • Copy of passport – Copy of ID card for GCC Citizens.
  • Copy of passport or proof of residency ( up to 6 months) to be used by residents.
  • Medical report on ( sensory and physical impairments) as well as psychological (mental and autism-related disabilities ) provided by an approved official authority
  • Photos of family and friends on white backgrounds

Office Locations and Contacts

DCR Department DubaiPhone Number: 046011102
Toll Free Number: 800623.
Send Documents to:
For comments and questions:

Ministry of Community Development


  • It is required that the applicant have to be UAE Nationals or resident with legally permanent residency.
  • The applicant must be assessed by an official authority in the field of medicine or psychology that is approved by Care and Rehabilitation Department.
  • The applicant must provide psychological or medical records which explain the specifics of the disability in terms of nature and severity, aids, equipment, or tools to be utilized
  • The applicant must have any of these impairments: (mental, auditory, physical, or visual and multiple)

Note: Any report that has multiple pages must be submitted as PDF files (or Word Document)


No cost

Processing Time

It can take up to three working days to get your credit card to be issued.

Note: If there are documents that are missing or incomplete it is possible that the service will be delayed.


The Disabled Card is granted by the Ministry of Community Development to people with disability/disabilities.

The document is needed

This process provides you with details on how to renew an Disabled Card issued in the United Arab Emirates.

Other uses for the Document/Certificate

The Disability Card serves as a personal identification for people with disability/disabilities and is considered an official document indicative that the holder disabled. The card will ensure that rights and services are in place and are fulfilled in accordance with the federal law governing persons who have disabilities No. (29) in the calendar year 2006. the regulations and the decisions made in its implementation

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