How To Renew Driver License In China

How To Renew Driver License In China

  • Get all the necessary documents.
  • Visit the Traffic Management Bureau Counter
  • Complete the application form.
  • Collect your license.

Documents Required Renew Driver License

  • Passport with the residence permit issued by Beijing OR Passport that has another kinds or China visa (with the validity greater than 90 days)
  • Affidavit Valid China Driving License
  • Original Beijing registration form for temporary residence. Copy
  • 4 inch color photo in color with white background

Office Locations and Contacts

Beijing Traffic Management Bureau,Beijing ICP 08006306 Beijing public security equipment 110 102 001 220
Address: Xicheng District, Beijing Fuchengmen
North Main Street on the 1st Zip Code: 100037

Shanghai Municipal Transport and Port Authority
Address 100 Dagu Rd (Office hour: 9am to 11:30am , and 11:30-4:30pm on Monday through Friday)
Telephone: 23111111

What Are All The Eligibility

It is the Official China Driving License can be renewed for 90 days before expiration.


Driving license fee is charged 10 Yuan per card.


The initial License validity was for 6 years. The first renewal could be valid for six years. The renewals after that last for 10 years. The validity time frame may be shorter for drivers who are older in which case the validity will be extended beyond the age of 71.


The city has a valid driving license that is issued by the driver. It must be valid before the expiration date of 90 days in order to apply for renewal of the driving license and to verify the validity of the. Renewal and factual under these conditions

  • Holders of large tractor, passenger vehicle city buses, medium-sized passenger vehicles large trucks with driving licenses within the time frame that does not score points or holders of any other driver’s licenses of a quasi-driving type within the scoring cycle that has not yet reached 12 points.
  • the owners of large passenger vehicles, city buses, tractors, medium-sized passenger cars, big trucks with driving licenses there is an inverse cycle of scoring points, as those who hold other quasi-driving type drivers licenses in the event of an accident that results in death, are equally responsible for no more than a driving licenses that have been revoked and who have completed a factual education
  • The applicant does not have any pending conclusion of road traffic security violations, accidents or other safety issues.
  • The applicant must meets the physical requirements of the driving license;
  • Driving licenses have not been confiscated by law or detention or temporary suspension or cancellation, an eviction of the case.

Requirements Information

  • It is mandatory to fill out the “motor driver’s license for a vehicle” form”
  • Medical institutions that are above the county level, to decide what constitutes the Beijing Municipal Health Bureau, or the army.

Above the regiment-level medical institutions to decide if the Armed Police Force issued a “motor vehicle driver to demonstrate physical health” from the beginning hold handicapped small passenger vehicles that are permitted to operate a driver’s license He must be able to submit to the Beijing Municipal Health Bureau designated special medical establishments that issue the “motor vehicle driver to demonstrate physical state” from the first

  • Identification (3) The applicant’s evidence of identity, original and copy; and by agent or proxy, they are required to show evidence of identity of the original as well as copy
  • The driver’s licence of the first
  • Drivers of motor vehicles, photo 3 (photo requirements: applicants must be straight prior to obtaining a driving permit within six months of the date on the front edge of the cap.. single-bust passport Background color white. is not normal clothing and portraits to ensure the richness of a natural look, without obvious distortion. Size of photo is 32mm 22mm (which is equivalent to one inch(head width 14mm x 16mm, head length 19mm x 22mm).

The Document is required Renew Driver License

You require an Chinese licence permit to operate a vehicle in China. If your driver’s license expires, you should immediately begin the renewal process.

Information that could be helpful

Applicable laws;

  • “People’s People’s Republic of China Road Traffic Safety Law” Article 114;
  • “National development and reform commission”National Development and Reform Commission Ministry of Finance to strengthen and standardize the motor license plate fee for cars and other management of charges that are related to notification” (NDRC Price, 2004No. 2831);
  • “the Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission has been forwarded to Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission.” ” (Beijing the Development and Reform Commission (2004 No. 2955).

Other uses for the document/certificate

You require an Chinese licence to operate a vehicle in China.

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How To Renew Driver License In China
How To Renew Driver License In China


Identity is a term used to describe

  • to verify the identity of residents of the city to prove the identity of city residents, is “identity card” or “temporary identity card” In other provinces, to verify the identity of temporary staff of the city to prove the identity of temporary staff, can be “identity card” or “temporary identity card” and residence certificates issued through the state security agencies are temporary;
  • Active service (including police) ID proof includes “identity card” or “temporary resident ID card.” The latter did not appear on”identity cards” and “identity card” prior to when officials issued the “military officer”, “civilian cadres card”, “card soldiers”, “retired card”, “retirement card” valid military identification cards and in their regiment level and higher units, they issued evidence of residence I;
  • The identity of Macao Special Administrative Region residents was confirmed in the form of “Home Return Permit” or “Macaw”, Hong Kong and Macao Special Administrative Region “identity card” and the security authorities issued residency, temporary residence certificates;
  • identification of Taiwan residents is valid for a period of three months or more of their possessions. It is issued by the public security authorities “Mainland Visa for Travel of Taiwan Residents” as well as”Mainland Travel Permit” issued by the Foreign Ministry issued a “People’s Republic of China travel card” issued by the public security organs residence temporary residence permit;
  • Identification of foreign Chinese Chinese who live abroad “People’s People’s Republic of China” passport” granted by public security agencies can be used for temporary identification;
  • The identity (six) foreigners can prove their entry by presenting by passports, travel papers or any other documents. residency (stop) for a stay of for longer than three months in order to obtain an active visa or reside permit and an official certificate from the public security agencies;
  • consulates, embassies and consulates of foreign countries and representative offices of international organisations in China Identity personnel proved to be valid identifications that was issued by China’s Foreign Ministry.



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