How To Renew Gun / Firearm Licence In Canada

How To Renew Gun / Firearm Licence In Canada

  • It is the Canadian Firearms Program (CFP) will issue a renewal notice to the owner of the licence around 90 days prior to the expiry date of the license. Important: To ensure that renewal notices as well as other important information, they are delivered in the proper address be sure you’ve notified CFP about any change to your address. It can be done online or by contacting the CFP.
  • Fill out the renewal form and send it to CFP in the earliest time possible in order to ensure that you receive your new license prior to the expiration date of the current licence. The process for licence applications is usually within 45 days.
  • You can renew your license online. The application will be accepted within a few minutes of the submission. Online Renewal of Licence

Note: If your license is due to expire, and you’re still waiting for an email requesting renewal You may download the renewal forms (link given below) and request it by mail or online.

Office Locations and Contacts

Royal Canadian Mounted PoliceRCMP National Headquarters
Headquarters Building
73 Leikin Drive
Ottawa ON K1A 0R2

General inquiries: 613-993-7267
TTY: 613-825-1391
Fax: 613-993-0260


Renewing Possession as well as Acquisition Licence:

  • Only non-restricted firearms for $60
  • To purchase any mix of firearms that are not restricted, prohibited, or restricted firearms For any combination of firearms that are restricted, non-restricted, or prohibited


Licenses for firearms are usually valid for 5 years and they must be renewed prior to when expiry.

Documents to Utilize

Renewal Form

Processing Time

The processing time for licence applications is usually after 45 working days.

Processing Time

The processing time for licence applications is usually after 45 working days.

Information that can be useful

Different types of firearms:

  • Unrestricted firearms are rifles that are not restricted in any way, and shotguns, apart from the ones mentioned below.
  • Firearms that are restricted comprise:
  • handguns that aren’t banned;
  • semi-automaticrifles, centre-fire rifles and shotguns with barrels shorter than 470 millimetres;
  • shotguns or rifles that can be fired after their total length has been decreased by folding, telescoping, or any other methods to less than 660mm; and
  • firearms are restricted under Criminal Code Regulations.
  • Firearms that are prohibited include:
  • handguns that have a barrel length of 105 millimeters or less, and handguns that fire .25 or .32 calibre ammunition, excluding for a select few employed for International Shooting Union competitions;
  • shotguns and rifles which were altered through cutting or other methods such the barrel’s length falls lower than 457 millimeters or their overall length is lower than 660 millimeters;
  • fully automatics
  • modified automatics, that is, full automatics that have been modified to only fire one projectile each time the trigger is squeezed and
  • firearms that are not allowed under Criminal Code Regulations.

Other uses for the Document/Certificate

Benefits of renewing your license before the expiration date:

  • The CFP utilizes a simplified renewal process, while an extended process is utilized to those who don’t have a license or whose license has expired.
  • Renewing applicants stay clear of the possibility of being denied registration and losing forever their grandfathered rights to any firearms that are prohibited for them to possess.
  • The possibility of a penalty for possession of firearms in violation of the law is a possibility to avoid.

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